30 May 2012

Boys will be boys

Wednesday Wishlist

Bedding - Pillow - Lego - Blanket - Rug

I saw this rug and thought it would look great in a boys room. It could even work right through to a teenage boys room with more color and pattern thrown in.

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Fly a kite

Tuesday Timeline
After watching Mary Poppins last week (again) our eldest son Aries commented that he wanted to learn to fly a kite. Leo then said he would do one better, he would teach our son both how to make a kite and then fly it. I have already bought a kite just in case.

I then remembered reading on the sweet blog Shine Little Light a link titled 50 things to do before you are 12. It may sound more a list for the boys but I remember doing a good number of these with my female cousins.

This list will come in handy with a book we gifted Aries last Christmas titled The Outdoor Book for Adventurous Blokes by Adrian Besley. It has alot of classic adventures and inventions too. When Leo read through the book, he had a good laugh pointing out all the things he, his brother and friends had done. The last section of this book would make Bear Grylls proud called 'Extreme Survival'.

28 May 2012

The past week

Monday Medley

I went and saw The Avengers and found it enjoyable. I liked it much better than Thor. Of course our eldest son loved it. Leo didn't like the fact that the 'Gods' Thor and Loki were 'matched' by Earth's Superheroes. 'No human should be able to match a God.'

I finally sent off our parcel to welcome the new baby boy of Leo's first cousin and her husband. Wrapped in light blue tissue paper and bright green spotted ribbon, left over from my Christmas gifts last year. The pretty card is from Pool Pony which I posted about here.

While at the Post Office I thought about sending an impromptu postcard. Looking around the shop, there were none. It was just frustrating. I came home and bought the Blue Wren and Scarlet Robin cards on Etsy from seller trees4thewood.

Although our family enjoy watching the film Bridge to Terabithia I have also decided to buy the book. I never got to read it during my school years and it would be a book for Aries too. I think children should know where some of their favourite films and TV shows come from, just like knowing where food comes from.

I was on YouTube on the weekend looking at upcoming film trailers. Then I got hooked into watching trailers for some of my favourite films and Persuasion with Sally Hawkins is one. Then I saw this clip of Persuasion and I couldn't decide if it was silly or sweet.

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27 May 2012

Like a maiden

Suddenly Sunday
It was one of those Sundays when you wake up past midday and realise there is not enough time to go anywhere but relax in bed. So while in bed like a maiden in a Jane Austen novel, my relaxing was becoming too uncomfortable. I realised, my pillows let down the whole experience of my Mothers Day massage. I finally got up to the sound of Tauren ramming his ride-on into the interior walls. That boy sure knows how to get someone's attention.

On the list is new pillows and I am not looking forward to the shop-a-storm that follows when I have to match quality + review + bargain. Yes, in that order. The best pillows I've had were the ones I brought from New Zealand two years past. I have no idea where they are now. There is a black hole in our home that sucks in all the good stuff.

I'd love to read your comments on pillows.

26 May 2012

The perfect weekend

The World This Week

I am wearing this dress sitting at a picnic table next to this guy.
We are eating quiche and Madeleines washed down with soda.
We take a walk through the woods back to our weekender.
The guy hands me a hot drink and insists I pick the film.

That's how I dreamt the perfect weekend would look like.

Image: imdb

25 May 2012

Go Russian Grannies

Friday Favourites

Aren't these grannies just the cutest? They are representing Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. I know it may sound and look like a long shot, but I have faith in them. I mean, have you seen some of the other contestants? I'm over whacky, wild and overly-dramatic acts so these Russian Grannies could do it.

Tauren is fast asleep and Aries is watching a DVD with my brother. I'm off to watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with my guy. A rarity these days.

Image: sbs

24 May 2012

Shabby Chic in Mexico

Thursday Thrifting

Yes, I'm a Christian but I didn't bring home Jesus in a starfish shell home for that reason alone. I bought this because I've never seen one like it before. I can't make out the label at the bottom of Jesus' feet so I can't share from which country it originated from. My guess would be Brazil. Behind Jesus is a clam shell with a crack to the bottom left. I'm still working on how to fix this.

I'm starting to feel the pinch for a more 'feminine touch' to our home. I don't know if it's because I'm bored with 'child proof' interiors or I'm feeling outnumbered with three males in our family. Either way, when I spotted the tablecloth of roses I ripped it off the rack. Ladylike, I was not. The tag reads 'Penny Scallan Australia'. I'm also a sucker for tags when they have the words, Australia or New Zealand.

Immediately I thought of Rachel Ashwell who's TV show I used to watch. Swoon. It used to be, if I can find 'shabby chic' in blue tones, then Leo wouldn't be so 'Um' about it. I'll be truly honest, my style is more a Shabby-Chic-in-Mexico-type. Not sure what that is? Don't worry, I'm still working on it.

Jesus in a starfish shell on a tablecloth of roses is a good start though.

23 May 2012

Bathing is bliss

Wednesday Wishlist

Lately, I've been thinking alot about revamping my current bathroom amenities. A renovation would be ideal but even just a few new, minor luxuries for the present can do small wonders.

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22 May 2012

The Gentle Giant

Tuesday Timeline

Last Saturday, I brought home this book from my local Library. Before I even had a chance to read the first chapter, Leo had beaten me to it. We both grew up watching the legendary wrestling matches of Andre the Giant versus Hulk Hogan.

I don't normally read biographies of sports people but I used to be afraid of Andre the Giant. It wasn't until I saw him in the film Princess Bride that I changed my perception of him. One of his nicknames was of course, The Gentle Giant.

Image: amazon

You just can't win

Monday Medley
Yesterday, was our youngest son Tauren's 2nd birthday. When we turned up for his birthday brunch at my younger sister's house, everyone was shocked at Tauren's new haircut. For the last year and so, strangers commented that 'she' had beautiful long hair. Thinking that this would put to rest future corrections, someone then made the comment that Tauren now looked like Demi Moore. You just can't win.

The lighting wasn't very good indoors, so off we went to the park for the cake photo.

20 May 2012

The Greatest Show

Suddenly Sunday

Today, our youngest son Tauren finally turned two.

Finally, because the last year was a horrid year for our family and it began on Tauren's first birthday. I would never wish a year like that on anyone. One day, I would like to share what happened because it could happen to families like ours. I have been planning our son's 2nd birthday with much anxiety and then reluctance. However, the day turned out perfect.

This year, Tauren's birthday fell on Sunday. We celebrated with Church service then brunch and cake at my younger sister's house. A simple family affair with my parents and siblings. As the weather had suddenly turned cold, not chilly, our Farm trip turned into a Circus show. Despite the late change, we had an awesome day out. Ever since I first saw the film The Greatest Show on Earth I have loved going to the Circus. I just don't like Clowns.

No, not all Clowns just the ones who wear full head makeup and that frilly collared outfit. We applauded, laughed out loud, Oohed and Ahhed, then clapped some more. Just as I was thinking 'Thank God they don't have...' that Clown appeared. The smile was completely wiped from my face. It was the only time I did not want to clap. I had to look at Leo a few times to stop myself from peeing in my pants.

Anyone remember the novel by Stephen King then made into a TV mini-series called It? Now you know.

Image: IMP Awards

19 May 2012

The hungry blogger

The World This Week

Inchmark - Granola
The Forgetful Wife - Blueberry + Lemon Basil Scones

*In Australia, Butterscotch Morsels can be found at USA Foods.

We really need to get the repair man in for the oven. I am truly over eating stovetop-cooked meals! These are recipes from this week and yes, they are all on my 'To Cook List'. This list is growing and I need a serious cook-fest to get it under control. Otherwise the list will end up being a book.

Images: Emily Ho

18 May 2012

God created disco

Friday Favourites

God had to create disco music so I could be born and be successful. Donna Summer

You know you're getting old when all your favourite Idols start to pass on. Not the Australian Idols but real Idols who marked an era of change. Even back home in the Islands and in New Zealand where I grew up, villagers whose children I once played with and homes I was invited into, are passing on.

The news that Donna Summer died took me by great surprise. I love these photos of Donna Summer, this is how I have always remembered her. Every Islander woman in the 70's and 80's wanted hair like Donna. I know this because my Aunt was one tragic fan.

Anyway let's put on some music and dance our feet off to Donna!

Images: Getty Images

17 May 2012

Clothes worth wearing

Thursday Thrifting

Left: The label reads ÓPA which I am unable to find information of. The care instructions are in Spanish, thank goodness for high school languages. I bought this for the leather-like details and spotted it just in time for Winter.

Right: I just love the iconic I ♥ NY logos. In this case, NYC, but I'm so glad I turned this typical white T-shirt around. Perfect for our toddler son, Tauren.

16 May 2012

Talented bloggers 1

Wednesday Wishlist
A. GlazedOver original artisan stoneware.
B. Fr33na crochet, lace and bows jewellery.
C. Letter Love Designs personalised stationery.
D. Hello Milky children's handprinted homewares.
E. Bubby Makes Three baby and children's items.

I've been meaning to post a list of bloggers with shops online but I couldn't narrow it down to my preferred number of five. I will have to post another listing at a future date, perhaps once a month. Even though I don't have creations of my own, I'd love to be able to support those bloggers who do. Drop a comment of any blogger/shop owners you like and if you are one yourself.

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15 May 2012

Dumbo re-visited

Tuesday Timeline
Do you remember the film Dumbo? It's been a very long time since I first watched it on TV back in the 1980's. I rented the dvd from our local Library as I've gotten quite sick of watching the current animated films with all it's special effects and over-the-top themes. I just needed a kids film that was easy on the eyes and ears.

Dumbo was perfect for our toddler Tauren. It featured so many animals from the circus, he remembered almost every one from our trip to the Zoo recently. I had to laugh out loud because of the Stork-and-baby theory. I remember that's how our school teacher answered the question, Where do babies come from? It wasn't until I was 10 years old and I saw my younger sisters head 'crowning' that I had my first reality check.

14 May 2012

Madonna Marathon

Monday Medley

All weekend, I had the sudden urge to listen to Madonna. As I folded laundry, washed dishes, paid bills and shopped online, my background music was Holiday, Borderline, Into the groove, Lucky Star, Open Your Heart, etc.

See those grapes? They are seriously bulbous. Leo bought these for our Mothers Day lunch yesterday. I had three of these and I was already full. You could screw one of these 'Red Globe' Grapes into a light socket it was so darn big.

I finally convinced Mr Frugal to buy himself new shoes. He loves savings and these charcoal grey loafers were on clearance for $12.00

I love my coffee, no day is a good day without a cup. Lately, I've been trying Samoa's Coffee and Samoa's Tropical Rainforest Honey. I bought these from Nature Pacific located on the Gold Coast. They're both to my personal tastes.

Images: refer links and lunaheartslists

13 May 2012

Mother helping Mother

Suddenly Sunday

Dear Josh Groban raising awareness of those living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
Send hope is helping women in PNG and Indonesia give birth safely.

This week I've been reading about Mothers who need a helping hand. These two stories in particular have affected me the most. Hopefully, these Mothers will see the dreams for their children realised. Hope your weekend has been gentle on you all.

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12 May 2012

Short reading list

The World This Week

Am I the last to have heard of Willy Moon?

Baby Naming Laws to think about.

You've just inherited a pick up line.

Another guide on how to write but funnier.

Parent and Child in Clash of the Personalities.

11 May 2012

Four dream homes

Friday Favourites
1. New Zealand - A mobile bach home
2. Australia - A sliding door home office
3. France - A transformed Savoyard farm house
4. Switzerland - From dilapidated to modern

The above image is of a modern New Zealand mobile bach home. A 'bach' is akin to the holiday home usually located by sea, lake, river, forest or country setting. It is not normally 'mobile' but this was just too cool not to share.

Image: refer link

10 May 2012

More blue finds

Thursday Thrifting

Left: The blue teapot (no lid) and jug I use for flowers.
Right: The oriental child's shoes are on display only.

Can you guess I have a 'thing' for blue? It's just such a calming color.

My apologies about the dull lighting in the left photo. I normally photograph in daylight but I was run off my feet this morning. The washing machine repair man gave me the bad news but at least our new lawnmowing man cut our (wild) grass for us. I lucked out on 'Sale' items even though today is the first day of the weekly specials. Argh. Finally, our toddler screamed the whole car trip because of his prison-issue-car-seat. Both directions. Sigh.

9 May 2012

75 Million Wishes

Wednesday Wishlist

Leo "We should buy a lottery ticket."
Me "Why?"
Leo "The jackpot is $75 Million."
Me "Okay! Let's do it. When is the draw?"
Leo "Never mind, it's in 20 minutes."

If our lottery fantasy ever came true, we would begin our around-the-world tour with these five destinations; Mexico, Chile, India, Italy and Morocco. We should probably buy a ticket first though.

What are your top five destinations?

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8 May 2012

No more slippers

Tuesday Timeline

Mother's Day this year is looking good already. I was becoming anxious that I'd have to say "Oh sweet, another pair of slippers". Mwah, Mwah. So, when Leo asked me what I really wanted for Mother's Day, I was quite happy to offer him some ideas.

Yesterday, I checked out what's on offer at some of my favourite blog reads. A big thank you to PottyMouthMama because I've booked myself in for a massage. Especially when Leo loves savings more than I do. This is one of those luxuries that has been on the 'priority list' for far too long.

I can see it now, Leo and the boys playing in nearby Centennial Park while I'm having my long awaited massage. Together we'll make our way to Max Brenner for a chocolate feast. Fingers and toes crossed, we make it out of the house in one go.

Yellows and Greens

Monday Medley

Sorry about this but Monday's post is out on Tuesday because of a new bedtime routine. The last few weeks our toddler has been sleeping anywhere from Midnight to 3am. Argh. So last week, Leo and I have been settling the boys into their bed routine together. Tonight, I had to 'fake' sleeping so that Tauren would sleep too. Then I ended up actually falling asleep! When I woke up it was after Midnight. Doh.

Besides our Zoo trip these are the other goings-on from last week. I've only just realised there is alot of yellows and greens in these five images.

Royal vs Granny
While shopping for fruit and veges, Aries tells me that he never liked the green apples I've been buying for our household. He much prefers the red apples. So I bought him Royal Gala apples in the hopes I will finally get to eat my choice, Granny Smith apples.

Sunnies all year
Tauren loves wearing sunglasses. He won't wear socks or hats, but sunglasses are his favourite accessory throughout the whole year. I bought him more sunnies because he also loves pulling things apart.

Dinosaur eggs
Otherwise known as Yoshino Crackers, I'm lucky that nobody else eats these. This comes to us from Harvest Box which I have written about here. This delivery is the answer to my kids asking for yet another candy. Aries loves the almonds, pistachios and sunflower seeds.

I ♥ Juliette
French is my favourite language for foreign films. I've been watching Juliette Binoche onscreen ever since the film, Three Colours Blue. On Sunday night, Tauren and I snuggled up with a blanket to watch her in Summer Hours. Soon after, our toddler fell asleep. Yay.

Just arrived
Last month, while reading Etsy Stalkers I really enjoyed this post. So I went and checked out Rebekka Seale and bought her print 'A home is made'. It's just arrived and even prettier than the photo. See also Rebekka's blog.

6 May 2012

Sunny Zoo Day

Suddenly Sunday

Finally after six weekends of cold/rain/overcast weather, we made it to the Zoo. We were truly grateful for the warm sunshine. It was Tauren's first visit and he spent about 90% of the trip walking on his own two feet. Phew. Those hilly paths aren't too friendly at times.

The seal show was a hit with everyone.

5 May 2012

Links I highly recommend

The World This Week

This week it's about the blogger making something herself which I love reading about. Please click ahead.....

I really want these because my hands are truly cold as I type this post. Our office is in the coldest room of the house. This is why we moved our boys to another room.

high mainintenance hippy with her daughter built an autumn nature house
I remember making something similar with my cousins. We would play around the apple and peach trees picking twigs and leaves making dollhouses until called in.

cute and useful made adorable little origami sombrero
I've promised blogger Judy that I will make these. I mean, it has two of my favourite foreign words in one project. Bonus.

While pregnant with Aries, I wasn't allowed to eat pineapples. Mum told me it would cause skin irritation for the baby. Islander mums are the funniest. Not.

After all the effort of making this I don't know if I'd eat it or leave it in a glass cake dome for display. Great, now I have a sugar craving.

I don't know if my hands are too cold or I'm too jealous of her talented creations to keep typing. Seriously.

Last night, on request from Aries I made rice pudding. Perfect for cold nights or rainy days, it's eaten hot off the stovetop. I will promise to post the recipe, when my hands aren't too darn cold. I hope your weekend has been kind to you all.

4 May 2012

Postcard art prints

Friday Favourites

I was on Etsy tonight looking for postcards, they're quick to write and easier to send. I ended up buying the above items. The only problem is, once received I then have a hard time 'letting go' of such beautiful art. Oops.

Images: refer links

3 May 2012

Teal blue love

Thursday Thrifting

This was bought at a Garage Sale. I even haggled over the price with another buyer. I don't like to  haggle over prices but I really love this platter. It is teal blue and the color here does not do it justice. It is ceramic and larger than a modern sized dinner plate. It always brings me compliments.

When actual fruit is placed on this, the teal blue just makes it all pop!

2 May 2012

Living room 1

Wednesday Wishlist

Olsen II Pendant Light
Jacob Oak Floor Lamp
Nancy Ramirez Candy Mountain Print
Frenchie 2.5 Seat Sofa
Jens Risom Lounge Chair
Shanghai Large Elm Coffee Table

Images: refer links

1 May 2012

Living alone

Tuesday Timeline

Last night, I was trying to read a book but Tauren climbed onto my lap and tried to push it away. I then had to use the bathroom but Tauren would follow there too. I try to use the internet but Aries would come and start telling me stories. I tidy up one room only to have Tauren mess up another. When cooking Aries would then ask twenty questions. When I've collected all the dirty laundry, I'd come back and find more of Leo's clothes on our bedroom floor... on my side of the bed.

Then I started thinking about when I used to live alone. Oh how I miss it... sometimes. Okay, maybe a little more than that. I especially miss tidiness, sleep, impromptu travel, hearing myself think and using the bathroom un-interrupted. Yes, in that order.

Did/Do you live alone? What do you miss/enjoy the most about it?

Video: UCBComedy