1 May 2012

Living alone

Tuesday Timeline

Last night, I was trying to read a book but Tauren climbed onto my lap and tried to push it away. I then had to use the bathroom but Tauren would follow there too. I try to use the internet but Aries would come and start telling me stories. I tidy up one room only to have Tauren mess up another. When cooking Aries would then ask twenty questions. When I've collected all the dirty laundry, I'd come back and find more of Leo's clothes on our bedroom floor... on my side of the bed.

Then I started thinking about when I used to live alone. Oh how I miss it... sometimes. Okay, maybe a little more than that. I especially miss tidiness, sleep, impromptu travel, hearing myself think and using the bathroom un-interrupted. Yes, in that order.

Did/Do you live alone? What do you miss/enjoy the most about it?

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  1. I live alone - at least, I will up until Thursday next week when my boyfriend moves in with me! I'm a bit nervous about it. We've lived together before, but not as a couple. I'm a bit anxious about sharing my space to be honest!


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