21 August 2012

Cheaper than therapy

Tuesday Timeline

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes. Anon

Well I'm not planting tomatoes yet, only just starting out with a few blooms to see if I still have 'the green thumb'. Thanks to the memories of my Grandparents they grew their own food in their yard. They also had a plantation which required a truck and several helpers. No space is too small to grow food, as my Grandfather once shouted when someone complained about his Custard Apple Tree being grown in the front yard.

As a teenager, I was in charge of my mother's garden after I whinged about her planting layout. Of course that meant trips to the Library for research and Friday nights watching Burke's Backyard. Even when I moved out of the family home, I still grew potted plants on the balcony or in my apartment. Until a former flatmate drowned them all while I was overseas. So yes, before I started my own family I used to be an avid gardener. Then my priorities changed, as they do.

Now that Tauren has settled down from the Annus Terribilis which started just after his First Birthday to last month, I know I can add another task to my day. Gardening has so many positives: eating your own produce, purifying the air, discovery for children and of course therapeutic. I don't know what happened to my baby boy to make our last year so 'challenging'. I asked myself, Was it because he was a Premature baby? Is it from me or Leo? Why Tauren and not Aries? Since Tauren started speaking clearly a new word everyday, he's become the boy I knew was always there. One day we were laughing and sleeping regular hours then Poof!

The reality is, I honestly thought Tauren would turn out a cheerful outgoing child just like his older brother Aries. Earlier this year when I was sick and exhausted, Leo took two days off from work to look after the boys. By lunchtime, Leo finally understood so much of why my day wasn't all coffees and nap time. You see, Tauren skipped most of his nap time. The last twelve months it was 6hours-Nap-6hours-Sleep. Then it was 8hours-Nap-8hours-Sleep. Suddenly, it was 12hours Awake and 12 hours Sleep... and not all of the Nap and Sleep was soundly. I had to cancel salon appointments, miss out on Church services, family outings, lunch or dinner, sometimes both. I tried to 'wait it out' and even though there were times when I silently prayed for a planeload of patience I knew I wasn't alone. I lost so much sleep trying to keep up with Tauren, trying to manage our home and spend time with Leo and Aries too that I finally decided to take my GP's advice seriously this time.

Being a stay-at-home-parent was both our decision. We wanted a second child and of course I had plans to utilise childcare and work part-time, even studying online from home. Well, when this all happened, none of the other stuff mattered. Stay-at-home-parenting is not cruisy or a luxury. When I read Parenting websites where parents complain about which age is the worst to experience 'The Terribles' I honestly want to slap them and say 'The Terribles doesn't just happen when a child is Two or Three. Try from age One!' I've stopped visiting one or two of those sites and try to remember, my child achieved his milestones nonetheless. My reward is a little boy eager to dig into the dirt and help his Mummy grow some 'flower'.

20 August 2012

Blue Suit Monday

Monday Medley

Last week while out and about, I heard these songs over the radio:

The Bangles - Manic Monday
Simply Red - Stars
Madonna - Crazy for You

Doesn't PSY look great in that suit? It sure beats the 1970's Prom Suit back in the days. PSY is South Korean Rapper who wrote and performed the song Gangnam Style and it went super viral on YouTube. Currently there is over 41 Million hits and I warn you, it may be stuck in your head for some time.

Image: the vine

18 August 2012

Two guys and a chair

Saturday Sights

I have been eyeing this image of Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese for the last fortnight. I would love to have a photographic print of this image because they both look handsome in their own way. Robert with his scruffy hair and printed tee, Martin with his serious beard and checkered shirt.

I'd love to add these Vintage Ship Prints to my art collection.

I kid you not, I've been looking for Gnomes for inside our home. Why not?

Interior Designer Susanna Vento shares her home, so much to love.

A beaded dress perfect for Audrey Hepburn (then) or Michelle Williams (now).

In case you missed The story of Sam and Payeng's hand grown forest these stories are truly inspiring. I just know these two articles will change your day for the better. Maybe even your weekend?

Image: reelists

15 August 2012

Houseboat Living

Wednesday Wishlist
modus maris

Ever since I saw the film Sleepless in Seattle I have always imagined living in a Houseboat.
I'm putting Houseboat on our Holiday List. For the kids, it will be an adventure.
For myself, I'm a water lover and will find any excuse to be near it.

Have you ever lived or vacationed on a Houseboat?
I would love to read about it.

11 August 2012

More blossoms to share

Saturday Sights

I couldn't resist picking more blossoms and had to share them. I also hope you enjoy my picks from the online community this week...

I wish I was watching the sail boats in a chic blue outfit and headscarf.

I wore a headscarf once just for fun and Leo asked if it was cleaning day.

I'd use this hot air balloon for our 8yo son's childhood memorabilia.

This Navy Stripe Canvas Beige bag would be perfect if I had a laptop.

Great for a city stroll, dinner cruise or cocktail wedding is the I Love Lucy Dress.

Kit and Nancy went browsing through seven hectares of a Parisian flea market. Swoon.

With two left feet, I would probably swing into the Jitterbug just wearing this dress.

16 House featured images by Canadian Photographer Jennilee Marigomen.

This secretary trunk is a dream piece just waiting for my dream home.

My dream home could be Modern Architecture and maybe that's why it's still in 'dream mode'. Decisions. Decisions.

5 August 2012

Sprinkles of sun showers

Suddenly Sunday

This week the weather has been kind with warm breezes and sprinkles of sun showers.
So I knew I would wake up to our street lined with blossoming cherry plum trees.
It's only the first week of August and the Spring Equinox isn't until late September.
After I took our 8yo son Aries shopping, I picked out some blossoms for the home.
He asked me why I was picking them and I told him simply, because I like them.
In all honesty too, they won't last very long and they smell divine inside.
Right now they're sitting pretty in my goldfish vase and on my dresser.
The only safe place for them to be as 2yo Tauren loves to squash things.

3 August 2012

Going casual like Elizabeth Taylor

Friday Favourites

Even in casual wear, Elizabeth Taylor still has that allure that captivated so many. When I look at the details I'm loving her pink lipsstriped topgold watchstraw tote and what looks like lavender capri pants. I found lavender jeans instead. Doesn't that car seat look similar to this sofa by Kardiel?

Growing up I used to watch Bill Collins' Golden Years of Hollywood. Every weekend I would wake up early and finish my chores so I could spend the afternoon watching old Hollywood films. Without a doubt Elizabeth Taylor is one of my favourite Hollywood actresses from this era and it all started with National Velvet.

My Top 5 Elizabeth Taylor films
National Velvet
Father of the Bride
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
The VIPs

Image: you paparazz