30 April 2012

A new hero

Monday Medley

Yesterday, Leo took Aries to watch this Rugby match. Afterwards, our son had wanted a photo with Robbie Fruean but he was outnumbered by the sea of kids infront him.

Aries was lucky enough to have a photo with Owen Franks. I can see Aries watching every future Canterbury Crusaders game for his new hero, Owen Franks and telling us for the umpteenth time how they had a photo taken together. Sweet.

29 April 2012

Books as design

Suddenly Sunday

1. Would you arrange your books by color?

2. Would you use a library wallpaper like the above?

3. Any suggestions for a book to read for the month of May?

Image: mr perswall

28 April 2012

Funny finds

The World This Week

Would you push the red button?

Have you seen this film? I can't wait.

Our toddler is strangely re-arranging things and Leo has sneaked off to bed, so I'm signing off this post on a very short three items. I hope you all have a great weekend planned as I think we do. It all depends on what time Tauren is going to bed. I hope it's not 3am again.

Image: amazon

27 April 2012

Must have finds

Friday Favourites

1 Eames Drop Necklace - on my birthday list
2 Drinking Bottle - simply impressive
3 Big Nose Spectacle Stand - might wear glasses just to have it
4 Rajasthani Bedcover - affordable and beautiful
5 Chalkboard Tablets - you get three of these beauties

I couldn't wait for Wednesday's Wishlist to share these with you.

Images: refer links

26 April 2012

Design vs Airfares

Thursday Thrifting

Okay, so Thursday Thrifting is about my personal finds on a bargain. However, our local Charity stores didn't have much on offer these last few weeks. All I managed were winter clothes for Tauren to be used at home.

I checked out one of my favourite blogs and thought this might be funny to share. I didn't get what it was until I found it here.

Would you pay $535.00 USD for a toilet roll holder? I know I could use it to buy two adult return airfares from Sydney (AUS) to Queenstown (NZ) for that same amount.

Read here from some realistic commenters.

Images: kallista

25 April 2012

Not a cardigan day

Wednesday Wishlist

1 BARDOT All Sorts Trench Coat
SEDUCE Witness Jacket
3 CHELSEA Belted Coat
4 SEDUCE Phantom Coat
5 LADAKH Collar Jacket
Tweed Trim Coat

Today is the first 'fine' day in more than a fortnight of wet gloomy weather. We decided to head out thinking 'fine' should mean partly-sunny-kind-of-warm. You know, a cardigan day, where a jacket or coat is too bothersome. In my cardigan, we headed out for ANZAC Day only to find gusts of wind and surprising chill.

On our return we pulled on our socks and huddled under warm throw rugs. A few hot cuppas and ANZAC biscuits later I realised, I have neither a jacket or coat suitable for the winter ahead. Judging by the cold wet summer we had, this winter is going to be colder than any winter Sydney has had in the last 10 years. That's my prediction anyway.

Images: refer links

24 April 2012

Peach birds

Tuesday Timeline

Last month, I found the above image on this design crisis post. This silk wall covering is in the home of Hutton Wilkinson shown in Harper's Bazaar. It was one of those moments that made me stop and 'Gasp!'

The design is very similar to the window curtains my Mother used to have in our childhood home back in New Zealand. The curtains were gifted to my Mother from Indian neighbours who were moving. Immediately my Mother washed them and put them up as soon as they were dried and ironed. Without fail, visitors always commented about her 'peach bird curtains'. When we migrated to Australia, my Mother lamented the fact that she had to leave those curtains behind. They were quite heavy and our baggage was mostly clothes and mind-boggling to me, kitchen equipment.

To this day, everytime my Mother has her curtains replaced she always references back to those 'peach bird curtains'. I've always said to Leo, if ever I find a similar patterned fabric I would buy it no matter the cost for my Mum because it's just one of those memories that will never leave a person.

23 April 2012

Caine's arcade

Monday Medley

After seeing this video on the red thread I had to show it to Aries who loves Arcade games. He couldn't stop watching it. After the third time, I had to send Aries to bed as he goes back to school tomorrow for Term 2.

Video: nirvan

22 April 2012


Suddenly Sunday

I thought this illness was clearing up last week but, little did I know the head cold was about to make a nasty comeback. Ninja-style, it crept in overnight and BAM! the room suddenly felt alot smaller and stuffier. It's certainly not easy being a SAHM and sick with two children at home during the school holidays and wet weather to boot. I begged and bribed Leo to stay home for just one day but the workaholic in him couldn't be persuaded - plus his workplace is just horrible about such things.

This week, I ploughed my way through with the aid of panadol, hot tea, cool water and three boxes of tissue. Our kids were pretty good too, just a few croaky reminders not to kill each other until Daddy came home and then I'd nap until dinner time. Leo said I probably caught it from Tauren the week before.

I woke up yesterday afternoon and had this sudden urge to purge! I put it down to my congested self and the stuffiness I've been hostage to. Yuck. Our three bedroom home is two bedrooms decluttered, cleaned and re-arranged. Woo-hoo! There are three garbage bags of unwanted linen and clothes. I feel like they are two bedrooms in a completely different house.

With the windows opened for that Autumn crisp air, I felt there was something missing. I realised in my hurried state of Mad Hatter-ness that I'm missing scented drawer sachets/liners. I know these things sound old-fashioned but they really do work. I remembered reading on tiny happy about her new scented sachets and bought them here. Yay.

This afternoon we tackled the dining area. Aries helped me to clear away kids' crafts, school papers and books. For the last six months our dining chairs were placed on the tabletop to prevent Tauren from climbing on them. He gave us a ghastly fright last year and we're not up for a repeat. Yes, I've been eating standing up or on the sofa. Guilty. I don't know if this is a false spurt of energy or that I am finally on the mend. Fingers crossed because there's also the lounge, bathroom and third bedroom. Sigh.

Image: tiny happy

15 April 2012


Suddenly Sunday

We had plans to go to the Zoo today for Tauren's first visit. We checked the weather and ferry times, twice over. We packed a picnic to share on the lawn overlooking Sydney Harbour. We mapped our route for a steady pace, leaving some displays for another visit. Just as we were about to head out Leo and I realised, today was not a Zoo-kind-of-day.

Firstly, I had a throbbing headache. Leo was buggered from chasing our unruly toddler around the Church grounds. Aries our eldest wanted to go to the games arcade instead. Tauren preferred to play at the hyper colorful playground he could spot 50 metres away. The perfect end to this otherwise un-planned day? New books, a cup of coffee and a napping toddler.

14 April 2012

The World This Week

While sitting in the salon this afternoon, I flicked through a magazine and read about Megan Hess a fashion illustrator from Melbourne. She also illustrated the book cover for 'Sex and the City'. I never read the book but I did watch a few episodes.... towards the end. I really enjoy Megan Hess' work and I have a feeling I might buy the above print 'The Outdoor Room'.

You must check out Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest 2012 . Last year, we had prepay internet and I spent almost all my share on it. I was fascinated to see how people from everywhere interpreted their small and sometimes teeny tiny spaces. It was such an eye-opener.

I was watching the news with Aries one night, and a story came up about unclaimed lottery winnings. Leo and I each began to make a wishlist about what we would do if we won $1 Million. I then told Aries if we won more than $1 Million we could buy our own private island. He couldn't believe this really happens. Aries piped up and said he would buy two of every toy in the world and two ceiling fans. I once suggested to Leo that maybe we should get a ceiling fan for the lounge and main bedroom. Haha, kids!

I found these roommate notes and couldn't help but share them. You see, my first rental was a two-bedder in Bondi and next to my small apartment block of 4 units was a bigger modern apartment block. One night, it was hot and stuffy in my room so I opened the windows and it didn't take long before I awoke to the sounds of you-know-what coming from next door. The problem here was that the female sounded like a camel mating. So, I wrote her a note and sticky-taped it to the apartment block entrance. I watched the sunrise and the tenants in that apartment block coming and going, each one reading my note and having themselves a good chuckle. It wasn't nice but hey, it did the job. No one from that apartment block made another peep.

13 April 2012


Friday Favourites

There are two reasons why I don't post; either I'm sick or, someone in my household is sick. This time, it was both. Ugh. Add in the Easter long weekend, piles of laundry and it took a while to get my groove back. I'm feeling better today and looking forward to posting about my list of favourite pick-me-ups.

Eat, drink
Plenty of cool water, cool iced tea or very light hot tea..... black, jasmine or earl grey. Being sick should be re-defined as 'wobbly with wonky tastebuds'. My favourite 'sickie' snack is the trusty SkyFlaKes. It's the one thing I can keep down, bonus points there. Today, we received more lovely treats from Harvestbox. I can't believe how good those dried cranberries and pineapple pieces can be. Sorry, but I can't stand chicken soup when I'm sick.

Snail mail
I still get goosebumps whenever I receive written mail and brown-paper packages. This week, the Mail Gods must've seen I needed some smiles. The postie deposited a letter and cookbook from Leo's maternal-grandmother. We've been writing to each other since Leo and I first moved in together. Then, came this lovely package from Naomi over at look see.

Eye candy
For some reason, I'm one of those sickies who are the bedridden type. I can't read books when I'm sick, I just don't have the energy or attention span. But, I love flicking through my favourite magazines - past and current issues - for those few moments of inspiring ideas and beautiful images.

Noise police
If it's bad, as in, leave-me-alone-or-die bad, Leo takes the boys out or they tiptoe around my worst day just so I can sleep that sickness away. I woke up yesterday from a long nap and it was pitch dark, I honestly thought it was Friday night. Oops.

Clean space
That means, long hot showers, a tidy bedroom and clean fresh bedding! The ultimate in the road to recovery. Especially if someone else does these for you. No bonus points this time. Sigh.

Hugs and kisses
Nothing makes you feel more alive (and well) than the hugs and kisses from your family. A cuddle while watching aimless TV and a snuggle when your body aches is just bliss.

4 April 2012

Green babies

Wednesday Wishlist
The first Wednesday in April is dedicated to Wear Green For PremmiesBoth our sons were admitted to NICU upon delivery but only Tauren was classed as a Premature Newborn. Both boys wore green today and I uploaded their photo to the campaign's Facebook page. We also bought wristbands for the kids and ourselves.

I'm not ready to share these two very personal and distressing events but, one day I might surprise even myself. In 2004, when Aries was born there were virtually no online support sites for premature babies, information or support groups. Thankfully when Tauren was born there were so many willing and informative groups available online.

For my Wednesday Wishlist, here are some very helpful links for anyone you know with a premature newborn.

For Support.....
Prem Baby

To Shop.....

3 April 2012

Growing pains

Tuesday Timeline

I found this Mama Mia article quite funny but also very true. Reading the comments section also brought back other things I fondly remember growing up in the 1980's.

These are the things I can't wait to show our 8yo son Aries:
- using a VCR and taping on VHS tapes
- we used a rotary dial telephone like this
- milk trucks came every weeknight with fresh milk
- milk came in glass bottles with foil tops I carried in this
- 'upgraded' to a wall mounted push button corded phone
- we had bus prefects on the school bus and got reported
- we sent faxes and learned to type on manual typewriters
- computers were only used by Industry and the Government
- in summer we wore red roma/titan sandals to school, sockless
- our refrigerator was a brown single-door model from the 1970's
- our black and white TV was smaller than our current microwave
- at school we sewed by hand before moving to sewing machines
- I played with the neighbourhood kids until the street lights came on.

Here was a typical Kiwi school lunch menu:
- hot pies
- sausage rolls
- sally lunn bun
- fresh/choc/strawberry milk
- in winter, creamed corn jaffle sandwich.

For the Annual School Fundraising we sold boxes of Jam and Cream Long John Donuts. The modern day School Canteen Menu now also includes: nuggets, burgers, noodles, pasta and mexican. One day a week, our 8yo son Aries still prefers a sausage roll or paddle pop. I can't wait to see what they're going to offer Tauren in three years.

Image: threadless

2 April 2012

Fave family films

Monday Medley

These are are a few of our fave family films. I like to watch our children while they're watching the screen. Their reactions are priceless. Sometimes when I'm in another room, I can hear Tauren laughing out loud to his favourite scene.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)
This is one of Leo's favourite films as a kid. I didn't see it until last year.

Up (2009)
Like most toddlers, Tauren enjoys the colorful balloons and the dogs.

Peter Pan (2003)
This is my favourite version. I loved the Edwardian details.

Thunderbirds (2004)
This is Aries' favourite because of the flying machines.

The Karate Kid (2010)
Try as we might, Aries much prefers this version to the original.

The Sound of Music
We all love this film, I think it's because all the songs are so catchy.

Images: amazon

1 April 2012

Sunday: Visit

Prior to his passing, Leo's father lived on his rural property in New Zealand with his lovely partner, Silvia. On our last visit, I tasted the best fruit cake by Silvia in my entire life! Of course, it went straight on my 'to cook list' when the oven is working again (sigh). Luckily while checking my emails on Friday, I found one from Silvia who is in town for a short visit.

After lunch at the Lowenbrau Keller, we also took this opportunity to visit The Rocks Markets. This is where we first bought the Lemon Myrtle and Macadamia Dukkah from A Taste of the Bush so of course we bought more. I sincerely recommend this dukkah coated on your choice of red meat. We also took some great photos of the boys, Silvia and Sydney. I never tire of photos of Sydney, there's always a new way to see your own City.