14 April 2012

The World This Week

While sitting in the salon this afternoon, I flicked through a magazine and read about Megan Hess a fashion illustrator from Melbourne. She also illustrated the book cover for 'Sex and the City'. I never read the book but I did watch a few episodes.... towards the end. I really enjoy Megan Hess' work and I have a feeling I might buy the above print 'The Outdoor Room'.

You must check out Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest 2012 . Last year, we had prepay internet and I spent almost all my share on it. I was fascinated to see how people from everywhere interpreted their small and sometimes teeny tiny spaces. It was such an eye-opener.

I was watching the news with Aries one night, and a story came up about unclaimed lottery winnings. Leo and I each began to make a wishlist about what we would do if we won $1 Million. I then told Aries if we won more than $1 Million we could buy our own private island. He couldn't believe this really happens. Aries piped up and said he would buy two of every toy in the world and two ceiling fans. I once suggested to Leo that maybe we should get a ceiling fan for the lounge and main bedroom. Haha, kids!

I found these roommate notes and couldn't help but share them. You see, my first rental was a two-bedder in Bondi and next to my small apartment block of 4 units was a bigger modern apartment block. One night, it was hot and stuffy in my room so I opened the windows and it didn't take long before I awoke to the sounds of you-know-what coming from next door. The problem here was that the female sounded like a camel mating. So, I wrote her a note and sticky-taped it to the apartment block entrance. I watched the sunrise and the tenants in that apartment block coming and going, each one reading my note and having themselves a good chuckle. It wasn't nice but hey, it did the job. No one from that apartment block made another peep.


  1. I've been known to write a note or two myself. I had some upstairs neighbours who played music loudly at odd hours (like 3am). I'd been up to ask them to quit it once and they acted as though they couldn't speak English (maybe they could, maybe they couldn't - I have no idea). So I figured if I wrote it on a note they could get someone to translate it if necessary!

    Then they moved out & someone else moved in - they had a puppy that was kept right above my bedroom. That puppy was not a good sleeper!!

    1. Glad I'm not the only notemaker out there. I'd take that puppy over the camel any day.


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