13 April 2012


Friday Favourites

There are two reasons why I don't post; either I'm sick or, someone in my household is sick. This time, it was both. Ugh. Add in the Easter long weekend, piles of laundry and it took a while to get my groove back. I'm feeling better today and looking forward to posting about my list of favourite pick-me-ups.

Eat, drink
Plenty of cool water, cool iced tea or very light hot tea..... black, jasmine or earl grey. Being sick should be re-defined as 'wobbly with wonky tastebuds'. My favourite 'sickie' snack is the trusty SkyFlaKes. It's the one thing I can keep down, bonus points there. Today, we received more lovely treats from Harvestbox. I can't believe how good those dried cranberries and pineapple pieces can be. Sorry, but I can't stand chicken soup when I'm sick.

Snail mail
I still get goosebumps whenever I receive written mail and brown-paper packages. This week, the Mail Gods must've seen I needed some smiles. The postie deposited a letter and cookbook from Leo's maternal-grandmother. We've been writing to each other since Leo and I first moved in together. Then, came this lovely package from Naomi over at look see.

Eye candy
For some reason, I'm one of those sickies who are the bedridden type. I can't read books when I'm sick, I just don't have the energy or attention span. But, I love flicking through my favourite magazines - past and current issues - for those few moments of inspiring ideas and beautiful images.

Noise police
If it's bad, as in, leave-me-alone-or-die bad, Leo takes the boys out or they tiptoe around my worst day just so I can sleep that sickness away. I woke up yesterday from a long nap and it was pitch dark, I honestly thought it was Friday night. Oops.

Clean space
That means, long hot showers, a tidy bedroom and clean fresh bedding! The ultimate in the road to recovery. Especially if someone else does these for you. No bonus points this time. Sigh.

Hugs and kisses
Nothing makes you feel more alive (and well) than the hugs and kisses from your family. A cuddle while watching aimless TV and a snuggle when your body aches is just bliss.


  1. Yay! I'm so pleased your photo arrived and that you like it! Thanks for the shout-out! :) And - hope you're recovering quickly, take care!


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