4 April 2012

Green babies

Wednesday Wishlist
The first Wednesday in April is dedicated to Wear Green For PremmiesBoth our sons were admitted to NICU upon delivery but only Tauren was classed as a Premature Newborn. Both boys wore green today and I uploaded their photo to the campaign's Facebook page. We also bought wristbands for the kids and ourselves.

I'm not ready to share these two very personal and distressing events but, one day I might surprise even myself. In 2004, when Aries was born there were virtually no online support sites for premature babies, information or support groups. Thankfully when Tauren was born there were so many willing and informative groups available online.

For my Wednesday Wishlist, here are some very helpful links for anyone you know with a premature newborn.

For Support.....
Prem Baby

To Shop.....


  1. Thanks for the links Lunar. My daughter had a premmie and he is now 7yrs old.

  2. Thanks Luna, the storm was pretty nasty and we have a severe thunderstorm watch for tonight. sigh* I haven't even cleared the mess from last week....

    btw, for some reason all your images appear as big black boxes with an exclamation mark on them, is your flicker active? whm....


    1. Thank you for the heads up :)

      The night before, I was learning my around Google+ and Blogger. Next day I checked in and almost had a heart attack. Luckily I saved them but it's given me a chance to clean up my images and links. Oops.

  3. Hello Luna,

    I have been so bad about blogging lately and haven't been to your place in a while. So, I scrolled through some of the recent posts and I see that you're engaged, (have been) and are planning on eloping! That is SO exciting! Big Congrat's to you! I hope you post some pictures when you do.

    That must have been so scary to have two premature babies and to not have the support or resources to help. My husband was also premature and very sick when he was born. It's a miracle that he's alive today.

    I hope you have a lovely week, my friend!

    Heidi (hi-d)

    1. Alot of family and friends can't believe Tauren was a premmie! Mainly because he's much bigger than his older brother was at this stage and he's such a rebel.


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