30 June 2012

Hoping for warmer days

Saturday Snippets
Seen this film? The Deep Blue Sea with Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston. In this scene the character 'Freddie' sings to 'Hester' the beautiful love song You Belong To Me.

Books for July, a memoir titled Many Lifetimes by Audrey Evans and a novel by Laura Moriarty titled The Chaperone.

I'm a big fan of using coasters and Maya Gencic makes some of the prettiest out there.

The inspiring home of artist Mark Brosmer is one of those spaces I wished was just around the corner from me.

Check out these pretty painted pianos but like Johnny Cash noted, it would be wise to practise at one.

Can't decide what to cook? There is pumpkin soup, tomatoes provencal or Thai-style noodles.

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I'm hoping for warmer days to help keep the bugs away. I'm off to watch the SBS documentary of Janine Jansen, the Dutch violinist.

Image: nctimes

29 June 2012

Remember the time

Friday Finds

This lovely bedroom is from The Family Love Tree who's wicker furniture I spotted on Design Sponge last week. I remember the time I spent summer holidays with my Maternal-Grandparents in the Islands and the peacock chairs were a highlight. They were used in the main town for photographic portraits. Hanging next to the bed is a macrame pot holder, we definitely had one of these babies. They also have tables, cushions and screens. However, it's their quilts of vintage sari I'm loving. I can't seem to decide on just one.

I really didn't expect to be away for so long. It's been years since I've had the Flu and this one knocked me out in a bad way. I am pretty sure I only visited five blogs in that time, such was the throbbing pain in my head. Fingers crossed, Leo and Aries are spared the week and a half experience Tauren and I had to endure.

Image: refer link

17 June 2012

S is for Some

Suddenly Sunday

Some things I've seen that I wanted to share with you.....

Screening now is the film Take This Waltz with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen. I can't wait to see this film. I only heard about this film on Friday night. Where have I been?

Shop a first for me is this sweet father and daughter blog. Check out their shop and read their story about how it all started.

Songs I'm liking right now are by The Paper Kites, The Honey Trees and The Tallest Man On Earth. These names sound like book titles and that's why I like them.

Space spotted on 16 house a wonderful interior with beautiful big windows. There is even windows seperating the kitchen and dining - my favourite feature.

Style seen on Ish and Chi is this cool video '100 Years/Style/East London'. I had to watch it twice it was so upbeat.

Sweet baked tart of strawberry, pistachio & brown butter on Cannell et Vanille. I can see my family enjoying this for a picnic come Spring.

Image: imdb

Never too late

The World This Week
With Father's Day in the United States this free printable Father's Day Card & Gift Tags by Love vs Design would go well with the Peel & Stick Shirt Pocket by PlusPieces. The soggy winter weather has made for a sick toddler and a belated Saturday post. Leo is looking after Master Two while I am blogging after 3am folks.

Dear lovely readers, here are some blogger DIY's that I've been enjoying this past week. I could attempt two of these, but my end results would be pitiful compared to these talented people. I am hopeless at DIY that is why I shop:

Create Easy Rolled Paper Art at Apartment Therapy

Feather Heels by A Pair & A Spare

Lego Key Holder by Mini-eco

Neon Wooded Bead Necklace by The House That Lars Built

Retro Rocket Paper by Cute and Useful

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15 June 2012

Say yes to pink

Friday Finds

This week, to beat the soggy winter blues I've been thinking alot about Pink. It's the same in extreme Summer temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius, I do the opposite. I think of myself in cool colors and cold places. There is a term for it, but I can't remember it. Reverse psychology?

More pink postings from some favourite bloggers:

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14 June 2012

Small pretty finds

Thursday Thrifting
Simple white ceramic Salt and Pepper shakers.
Pretty pink butterfly ceramic napkin holders.

This awful winter weather has kept us mostly indoors. The few short hours means a speedy browse around - no second looks - and home to a hot dinner and cuppa.

My salt and pepper are in two un-coordinating bottles..... the ones I originally bought them in. Oh the shame. Now, our guests can enjoy the consistency of my must-match approach to table setting.

13 June 2012

Talented bloggers 2

Wednesday Wishlist
Little House of Limes * Bohemian Ellie Invitations
This would be perfect for a little girl's party. As a child, I loved Elephants even though my brothers didn't. They preferred reptiles, of course.

Amelia Herbertson * Linocut Block Print
The dull blue walls of our home need a pop of red to liven it up. Or a fresh coat of white.

Ticklebug * Harem Belle Pants
The only times I have ever so slightly wanted a daughter, is when I see sweet girly fashion like Ticklebug's super cute "harem belle" pants.

Mrs Beckinsale * W Class Cushion Cover
I am so tempted to buy this as a very belated souvenoir of our trip to Melbourne back in 2009. What traveller forgets to buy a souvenoir? A pregnant woman like me of course.

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12 June 2012

Evening fun for kids

Tuesday Timeline
Last week, our two year old Tauren discovered Shadows. He was awestruck. Tauren loves waving at himself and once kissed his own shadow. Funny. You will be surprised by how little you really need to entertain two-year-olds.

I tried to show him some hand shadow puppets but I realised my hand puppetry needed some revision. Here are some excellent and I think, pretty easy tutorials:

This video by Mouzhan Yousefi is simple and effective.

Image: honeykid

11 June 2012

Ricky and rose bowls

Monday Medley
Last night Leo and I saw the french film Ricky on TV. I thought it was a sweet touching film, and the little babe was just gorgeous. An ordinary family received an extraordinary gift and seeing them deal with it was quite affecting.

Last year, Leo undertook RCIA. He was the only Male in his group other than the Sponsor. Now that it has ended, we went shopping for gifts for the other Candidates. I found these glass rose bowls for a great deal at Bevilles. For under $10 you get the 10cm and 16cm Diamante Rose Bowls by Maxwell & Williams. Leo surprised me with a set for myself. Sweet.

It is that time of the year again, when the Gumboots come on. Tauren loves Dinosaurs thanks to Harry and his Bucketfull of Dinosaurs. We bought the books for Aries but they were stored away. Then when the boys found them again, it's been neverending "Harry! Harry!" because Tauren can't pronounce Dinosaur yet.

With all this soggy cold weather, we needed some Potpourri for the home. I'm not happy with the cheap variety available. I'm thinking of making my own but I haven't found a recipe I'm happy with. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Woman reading

Suddenly Sunday
I've been missing from blogland because my time is taken up by our very boisterous two-year-old. If I am too laid back with Tauren then something is sure to break, spill or go missing. Quick as a Fox this kid has made me think seriously about having another.

When he's finally settled he likes to relax to a kid's movie or sit on my lap and fall asleep. Or with the last burst of energy, jump around some more to a song-and-dance show like The Wiggles, every Parents friend or foe.

Thinking I could use this time to blog, the ever mischievous toddler then likes to make a disappearing act of his own. I am so absorbed by blog reading and blogging that reading a book while he's awake is much easier. At least I can throw a book to the side when Tauren is climbing or pulling things down.

During our toddler's TV time I've been catching up on my reading. I did so well with The Book of Rachel that I had to scour the books around the house for another novel. Our books are everywhere thanks to Tauren. I found The Last Concubine and I am really enjoying it. Both these books were my thrifting finds and definitely money well spent. We are not even half-way through June and I may need another book on hand.

Off to tend to Master Two..... I hear paper ripping. Sigh.

Image: paintingall

8 June 2012

Scallops anyone?

Friday Finds

These finds were inspired by my blog background of the grey and white Scallop motif. It's no surprise I chose this design because I also love eating Scallops. It is the perfect dish for Spring/Summer, I say.

More Scallop finds: bride - chairs - paper - romper.

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3 June 2012

The last amber leaf

Suddenly Sunday
While Tauren was napping I took a walk to observe the first week of Winter. Rosella birds are sitting in the tree tops and below them is the last amber leaf on the tree. Unaltered, I wanted to show what it looks like in my neighbourhood.

More pictures were taken but this was the only one worth sharing. By the end of this week I'll be camera shopping. You see, my normal camera went AWOL last week. I am currently using our 8 year-old son Aries' camera.

Earlier this year our toddler loved hiding things in strange places - drawers, fridge, oven, shoes, stroller basket, toybox and even behind the TV unit. He remembers where he's hidden half-eaten food but he just giggles when I ask him "Where is Mummy's camera?". I am really hoping he hasn't taken it outside or hidden it in the rubbish bin.

Off to continue the search.

2 June 2012

Serena and Sandra

The World This Week
Listening to Serena Ryder's cover of It doesn't matter anymore.
Reading Sandra Goldbloom's novel The Book of Rachel.

I woke up today to lights switched on in every room. Sadly, there was barely a sun today. The rain is here until Thursday. The television had the morning off. Tired of kids toys underfoot, I made Aries my helper while Leo sneaked out of the house to shop. Thus leaving Tauren to happily run circles around the open-plan area.

Burning off all that energy made for a sleepy two-year-old. Aries and his Dad are playing a game, Leo passing on hints and tricks. Dressed for warmth and a cup of coffee, I sit infront of the window to slowly read my book. The light is quickly fading but I am determined to enjoy the two hours of peace while it lasts.

I hope your weekend isn't as gloomy but just relaxing enough.

Sunny Reds

Friday Finds
Strawberries Pizza - Sunny Dining - Red Drink - Red Viewfinder - Yellow Hat - Coke Tops

I've renamed Friday Favourites to Friday Finds, just because. I am really loving this color inspiration board I've put together. I have been in a real mood for red with splashes of yellow for a bit of sunshine warmth. Today especially we really needed some sun.

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