2 June 2012

Serena and Sandra

The World This Week
Listening to Serena Ryder's cover of It doesn't matter anymore.
Reading Sandra Goldbloom's novel The Book of Rachel.

I woke up today to lights switched on in every room. Sadly, there was barely a sun today. The rain is here until Thursday. The television had the morning off. Tired of kids toys underfoot, I made Aries my helper while Leo sneaked out of the house to shop. Thus leaving Tauren to happily run circles around the open-plan area.

Burning off all that energy made for a sleepy two-year-old. Aries and his Dad are playing a game, Leo passing on hints and tricks. Dressed for warmth and a cup of coffee, I sit infront of the window to slowly read my book. The light is quickly fading but I am determined to enjoy the two hours of peace while it lasts.

I hope your weekend isn't as gloomy but just relaxing enough.

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