3 June 2012

The last amber leaf

Suddenly Sunday
While Tauren was napping I took a walk to observe the first week of Winter. Rosella birds are sitting in the tree tops and below them is the last amber leaf on the tree. Unaltered, I wanted to show what it looks like in my neighbourhood.

More pictures were taken but this was the only one worth sharing. By the end of this week I'll be camera shopping. You see, my normal camera went AWOL last week. I am currently using our 8 year-old son Aries' camera.

Earlier this year our toddler loved hiding things in strange places - drawers, fridge, oven, shoes, stroller basket, toybox and even behind the TV unit. He remembers where he's hidden half-eaten food but he just giggles when I ask him "Where is Mummy's camera?". I am really hoping he hasn't taken it outside or hidden it in the rubbish bin.

Off to continue the search.


  1. That picture turned out great. It's so interesting to see winter when we are experiencing Srpingtime...even though it has rained quite a bit today...

    I sure hope your camera shows up. We are experiencing some "lost" items too that Maximus puts in places. I found a thermometer the other day that we were driving ourselves crazy looking for, for a month or so. haha...

    Hope you have a good week!

    1. It's funny when things show up in the funniest places. Not funny this time around, the camera has a memory card with some blog pics I forgot to save. Oh well.

      This first week of Winter is the coldest the Australian East-Coast has had in 23 years. I can believe that because last Summer was our wettest ever.

  2. I love rosellas! Lovely shot x

  3. the pic is amazing!!!

    1. It's growing on me.

      Problem with this (juvenile) camera is the best shots should be taken outdoors, in daylight.


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