17 June 2012

S is for Some

Suddenly Sunday

Some things I've seen that I wanted to share with you.....

Screening now is the film Take This Waltz with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen. I can't wait to see this film. I only heard about this film on Friday night. Where have I been?

Shop a first for me is this sweet father and daughter blog. Check out their shop and read their story about how it all started.

Songs I'm liking right now are by The Paper Kites, The Honey Trees and The Tallest Man On Earth. These names sound like book titles and that's why I like them.

Space spotted on 16 house a wonderful interior with beautiful big windows. There is even windows seperating the kitchen and dining - my favourite feature.

Style seen on Ish and Chi is this cool video '100 Years/Style/East London'. I had to watch it twice it was so upbeat.

Sweet baked tart of strawberry, pistachio & brown butter on Cannell et Vanille. I can see my family enjoying this for a picnic come Spring.

Image: imdb


  1. Hi! Lunar. I loved the link for (S) Space. I loved the appartment with its big windows and plenty of light.

  2. hello luna, you have a beautiful blog here. i just discovered take this waltz on friday and am looking forward to seeing it. thank you also for your visits to fourleaves. i have been on a blogging break but am just getting back into the groove. happy sunday.

  3. I watched take this waltz last week and really liked it. Michelle Williams is quirky and wonderful in her role


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