13 June 2012

Talented bloggers 2

Wednesday Wishlist
Little House of Limes * Bohemian Ellie Invitations
This would be perfect for a little girl's party. As a child, I loved Elephants even though my brothers didn't. They preferred reptiles, of course.

Amelia Herbertson * Linocut Block Print
The dull blue walls of our home need a pop of red to liven it up. Or a fresh coat of white.

Ticklebug * Harem Belle Pants
The only times I have ever so slightly wanted a daughter, is when I see sweet girly fashion like Ticklebug's super cute "harem belle" pants.

Mrs Beckinsale * W Class Cushion Cover
I am so tempted to buy this as a very belated souvenoir of our trip to Melbourne back in 2009. What traveller forgets to buy a souvenoir? A pregnant woman like me of course.

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