14 June 2012

Small pretty finds

Thursday Thrifting
Simple white ceramic Salt and Pepper shakers.
Pretty pink butterfly ceramic napkin holders.

This awful winter weather has kept us mostly indoors. The few short hours means a speedy browse around - no second looks - and home to a hot dinner and cuppa.

My salt and pepper are in two un-coordinating bottles..... the ones I originally bought them in. Oh the shame. Now, our guests can enjoy the consistency of my must-match approach to table setting.


  1. Some nice buys Luna. Don't forget to get the tram cushion. When I was in Melbourne we had a ride on the tram and all I bought was a postcard. But I do have a nice photo of the occasion.

    1. You know Jen, I will be getting it! Yay. Whenever people talk of Melbourne, I sometimes forget I've been because I don't have a souvenoir.


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