11 June 2012

Ricky and rose bowls

Monday Medley
Last night Leo and I saw the french film Ricky on TV. I thought it was a sweet touching film, and the little babe was just gorgeous. An ordinary family received an extraordinary gift and seeing them deal with it was quite affecting.

Last year, Leo undertook RCIA. He was the only Male in his group other than the Sponsor. Now that it has ended, we went shopping for gifts for the other Candidates. I found these glass rose bowls for a great deal at Bevilles. For under $10 you get the 10cm and 16cm Diamante Rose Bowls by Maxwell & Williams. Leo surprised me with a set for myself. Sweet.

It is that time of the year again, when the Gumboots come on. Tauren loves Dinosaurs thanks to Harry and his Bucketfull of Dinosaurs. We bought the books for Aries but they were stored away. Then when the boys found them again, it's been neverending "Harry! Harry!" because Tauren can't pronounce Dinosaur yet.

With all this soggy cold weather, we needed some Potpourri for the home. I'm not happy with the cheap variety available. I'm thinking of making my own but I haven't found a recipe I'm happy with. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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