11 June 2012

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Suddenly Sunday
I've been missing from blogland because my time is taken up by our very boisterous two-year-old. If I am too laid back with Tauren then something is sure to break, spill or go missing. Quick as a Fox this kid has made me think seriously about having another.

When he's finally settled he likes to relax to a kid's movie or sit on my lap and fall asleep. Or with the last burst of energy, jump around some more to a song-and-dance show like The Wiggles, every Parents friend or foe.

Thinking I could use this time to blog, the ever mischievous toddler then likes to make a disappearing act of his own. I am so absorbed by blog reading and blogging that reading a book while he's awake is much easier. At least I can throw a book to the side when Tauren is climbing or pulling things down.

During our toddler's TV time I've been catching up on my reading. I did so well with The Book of Rachel that I had to scour the books around the house for another novel. Our books are everywhere thanks to Tauren. I found The Last Concubine and I am really enjoying it. Both these books were my thrifting finds and definitely money well spent. We are not even half-way through June and I may need another book on hand.

Off to tend to Master Two..... I hear paper ripping. Sigh.

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  1. Lol...I am sorry, but I had to laugh...I can relate to this post. I too love blog reading, but there are times when it's a no go for me at the computer...

    1. It can be funny too, especially when he thinks I'm not looking. Seeing me reading a book has him looking through books too, so there's a positive.


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