3 April 2012

Growing pains

Tuesday Timeline

I found this Mama Mia article quite funny but also very true. Reading the comments section also brought back other things I fondly remember growing up in the 1980's.

These are the things I can't wait to show our 8yo son Aries:
- using a VCR and taping on VHS tapes
- we used a rotary dial telephone like this
- milk trucks came every weeknight with fresh milk
- milk came in glass bottles with foil tops I carried in this
- 'upgraded' to a wall mounted push button corded phone
- we had bus prefects on the school bus and got reported
- we sent faxes and learned to type on manual typewriters
- computers were only used by Industry and the Government
- in summer we wore red roma/titan sandals to school, sockless
- our refrigerator was a brown single-door model from the 1970's
- our black and white TV was smaller than our current microwave
- at school we sewed by hand before moving to sewing machines
- I played with the neighbourhood kids until the street lights came on.

Here was a typical Kiwi school lunch menu:
- hot pies
- sausage rolls
- sally lunn bun
- fresh/choc/strawberry milk
- in winter, creamed corn jaffle sandwich.

For the Annual School Fundraising we sold boxes of Jam and Cream Long John Donuts. The modern day School Canteen Menu now also includes: nuggets, burgers, noodles, pasta and mexican. One day a week, our 8yo son Aries still prefers a sausage roll or paddle pop. I can't wait to see what they're going to offer Tauren in three years.

Image: threadless


  1. I love this post, it's so true! Sigh*


  2. Oh my gosh this had me rolling! My kids are going to think that I was crazy when I tell them I used to have a tape player :) hahaha or a CD player for that fact!

  3. I LOVE this. What a great list!

    rachel xo


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