22 April 2012


Suddenly Sunday

I thought this illness was clearing up last week but, little did I know the head cold was about to make a nasty comeback. Ninja-style, it crept in overnight and BAM! the room suddenly felt alot smaller and stuffier. It's certainly not easy being a SAHM and sick with two children at home during the school holidays and wet weather to boot. I begged and bribed Leo to stay home for just one day but the workaholic in him couldn't be persuaded - plus his workplace is just horrible about such things.

This week, I ploughed my way through with the aid of panadol, hot tea, cool water and three boxes of tissue. Our kids were pretty good too, just a few croaky reminders not to kill each other until Daddy came home and then I'd nap until dinner time. Leo said I probably caught it from Tauren the week before.

I woke up yesterday afternoon and had this sudden urge to purge! I put it down to my congested self and the stuffiness I've been hostage to. Yuck. Our three bedroom home is two bedrooms decluttered, cleaned and re-arranged. Woo-hoo! There are three garbage bags of unwanted linen and clothes. I feel like they are two bedrooms in a completely different house.

With the windows opened for that Autumn crisp air, I felt there was something missing. I realised in my hurried state of Mad Hatter-ness that I'm missing scented drawer sachets/liners. I know these things sound old-fashioned but they really do work. I remembered reading on tiny happy about her new scented sachets and bought them here. Yay.

This afternoon we tackled the dining area. Aries helped me to clear away kids' crafts, school papers and books. For the last six months our dining chairs were placed on the tabletop to prevent Tauren from climbing on them. He gave us a ghastly fright last year and we're not up for a repeat. Yes, I've been eating standing up or on the sofa. Guilty. I don't know if this is a false spurt of energy or that I am finally on the mend. Fingers crossed because there's also the lounge, bathroom and third bedroom. Sigh.

Image: tiny happy

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  1. That's no fun being sick! Yuck...Hope you feel better real soon.


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