25 April 2012

Not a cardigan day

Wednesday Wishlist

1 BARDOT All Sorts Trench Coat
SEDUCE Witness Jacket
3 CHELSEA Belted Coat
4 SEDUCE Phantom Coat
5 LADAKH Collar Jacket
Tweed Trim Coat

Today is the first 'fine' day in more than a fortnight of wet gloomy weather. We decided to head out thinking 'fine' should mean partly-sunny-kind-of-warm. You know, a cardigan day, where a jacket or coat is too bothersome. In my cardigan, we headed out for ANZAC Day only to find gusts of wind and surprising chill.

On our return we pulled on our socks and huddled under warm throw rugs. A few hot cuppas and ANZAC biscuits later I realised, I have neither a jacket or coat suitable for the winter ahead. Judging by the cold wet summer we had, this winter is going to be colder than any winter Sydney has had in the last 10 years. That's my prediction anyway.

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