3 August 2012

Going casual like Elizabeth Taylor

Friday Favourites

Even in casual wear, Elizabeth Taylor still has that allure that captivated so many. When I look at the details I'm loving her pink lipsstriped topgold watchstraw tote and what looks like lavender capri pants. I found lavender jeans instead. Doesn't that car seat look similar to this sofa by Kardiel?

Growing up I used to watch Bill Collins' Golden Years of Hollywood. Every weekend I would wake up early and finish my chores so I could spend the afternoon watching old Hollywood films. Without a doubt Elizabeth Taylor is one of my favourite Hollywood actresses from this era and it all started with National Velvet.

My Top 5 Elizabeth Taylor films
National Velvet
Father of the Bride
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
The VIPs

Image: you paparazz


  1. She was such a classic beauty with truly great style.

  2. Great outfit - love Elizabeth Taylor!


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