30 July 2012

Inspiring boys bedroom

Monday Medley

Our home is soon to have some minor renovations done and I have a mountain of de-cluttering in the home, garage and laundry house to complete. The laundry house is behind the garage and both are detached from the main home so going between three places in the chilly-wet-mud is horrible. It certainly doesn't help when you have the world's most curious 2-year-old pulling everything out as you go and the weather has been the worst ever this winter.

On Friday night Leo and I had a very optimistic plan to tackle the outside areas starting at 7am Saturday morning. It didn't happen. Instead our toddler hopped into bed with us, hence my aching back (again). Leo did say that at 7am it was still 'murky' and because of my lack of sleep, he left me in peace. Love.

On top of this, our boys will be moving into one room. I've been super busy looking at inspiration for their dream space versus real space. Decorating a room for an 8-year-old and 2-year-old is not as easy as I had thought. There is nothing like spending hours in a shopping mall checking out your ideas in person to throw you off your 'virtual wishlist'. Sigh.

All I know at this stage is, I want to go all-white. Here are some of the rooms I've been inspired by this last couple of weeks:

The photo above is a reminder from Aries that I have to work Tintin into the new bedroom. As for our toddler Tauren, he would be happiest if I could include a climbing wall and a swing. Not likely my precious.

Image: home klondike


  1. i have so much decluttering to do it's doing my head in! good luck to you :)

  2. That room looks beautiful, I hope you enjoy the renovations, I'm sure they will be worth it :).


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