26 July 2012

Learning through living

Thursday Teacher

You know that saying, you learn something new everyday? I truly believe in these five simple words. This new post subject is my sharing the things I've learned in my life. I am always surprised by the everyday and the unexpected, hence the reason for this new post subject. I still have Thursday Thrifting when I am able to.

Sometimes it could be from our kids, a historical fact, a current news item, something I've seen in the street or a silly mundane thing that means nothing to someone else. Other times it may even surprise myself how little I knew before I learned these things. It doesn't hurt to share what I now know and it will also give you an insight into my real self.

My apologies, I found these images some time before blogging and didn't think to keep the details. If you own these images, please email me your details and I will gladly update my post details. Thank you.


  1. I feel the same about learning new things everyday, life is full of new experiences.

  2. So true...and it's always when I think I've got things figured out that I realize I know very little...haha...here's to learning...have a great week, Luna!

  3. I agree on all but one...life did come with instruction we just forget to look in the manual.
    Would you have a baby and not show him or her the ropes to what is best?
    God wouldn't neither...
    Rather you are religious or not...
    Think about it everything else has came with instructions, why wouldn't living.
    In the Bible you learn how to be a lady, wife and mother Proverbs.
    It also says, how to support your family and raise kids. People don't pick up the oldest, best sellers, hardly ever, anymore and the evidence is evident.
    Plus, Mom always has true life experience.
    I think the others are dead on the truth though and I'm happy you have discovered the truth to these before I did.


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