25 July 2012

Wish versus Reality

Wednesday Wishlist

Remember my post Bathing is bliss where I had wishlisted the Replica Sori Yanagi Butterfly Stool? I had decided to save for this designer piece as a birthday present to myself but on advice from the Retailer, it's not suitable for use in the bathroom. Thank goodness I had enquired about this fact because I can safely put some of that savings to something else and still look at other stools available.

For a few years now, before blogging when magazines were still the rage, I have always wanted the Replica Eames DSR Chair. On Sunday, my family and I got to try these chairs out at the cafe we had lunch at. Personally, I did not like them. I believe the ones we sat on were the plastic version. I may need to try the fibreglass version to either finally buy them or finally bury the notion of them?

Recently I bought myself some goodies that I had wishlisted from two of my favourite online retailers:
  • Leo is thankful for the coffee scoop as I was previously using the measuring spoon which he was always looking for (tucked into my coffee bag).
  • The butter dish not only looks good on the table, the porcelain is the perfect weight for keeping it at room temperature. I don't know how I survived using a round side plate for a rectangular block of butter. Yes, it kept slipping. Even a toddler with a shape-sorter-toy would've figured this one out. Shame, shame.
  • The tissue box covers are my second lot purchased from Aya. I have been looking for these everywhere. I hated those satin-lace-frilly types from the bargain shops, yuck. I also wanted a few for a change of decor in the bedrooms and living room.

I think I will keep reviewing my Wednesday Wishlist items. However, this does not mean I will buy everything I have wishlisted on my blog. For the record, no sponsored postings here and the retailers are not aware I am posting my personal review online.

Image: matt blatt

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