21 July 2012

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Saturday Sights
I wish I had a copy of the film Marty starring the recently departed Ernest Borgnine which also won him a Best Actor OscarThis is what he said about his $5,000 salary for playing the eponymous lead in Marty..... I would have done it for nothing.

Here are some of my favourite sightings from other bloggers:

Need a Black Jumpsuit or maybe some Bows?

Would you holiday on a House Boat or Summer Home?

DIY love: Test tube vase by Trishie and Agate Trash Bin by Jenny.

This dedication by Kevin Cuneo is the best I've read and how I remember Ernest Borgnine's acting.

Thinking back to that donut I shared with Tauren the other day, I found a donut necklace. Good enought to eat right?

While looking for recipes on baby figs - my new found love - I found Tania Schmieder's blog. Definitely my kind of art.

I must see these two films A Happy Event and Farewell My Queen - I swear, it's a coincidence both these films are French.

At your next dinner party, break out the good crystal and play Musical Glasses. Even better, try to play them on these State Tables. I dare you.

I bought headwraps on Etsy from rraps and I'm kicking myself I didn't think to buy these before! They are so comfy and our toddler Tauren loves them too.

Yesterday was one of the best birthdays I have had. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes :)

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