20 July 2012

It is a Happy Birthday

Friday Finds

This is me on my 5th birthday, New Zealand. It was winter and I was wearing a yellow halter neck and matching skirt, over a blue knitted skivvy.

Fast forward thirty one years later and today is my 36th birthday.

Every year, the week or so before my birthday, I ask myself a particular question. This last week I asked myself 'Who would I be if I made a different choice?'. Every time I try to picture a different life for myself, somehow I just can't do it. I keep coming back to this choice, this life, this me... and finally, I'm happy about this picture.

I think it's called, contentment.

This photo was taken with Leo's mobile phone.


  1. Happy BIrthday Luna! It's such a gift to feel content about life!

  2. Contentment is a wonderful thing! Happy birthday, have a lovely day

  3. Happy Birthday, Luna!!! I hope you have the best day and many, many, more years of contentment. :)

    Much love,


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