2 May 2012

Living room 1

Wednesday Wishlist

Olsen II Pendant Light
Jacob Oak Floor Lamp
Nancy Ramirez Candy Mountain Print
Frenchie 2.5 Seat Sofa
Jens Risom Lounge Chair
Shanghai Large Elm Coffee Table

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  1. that floor lamp really caught my eye. Too bad I cant afford it :) (I really need to just win the lottery already)

  2. LOVE! This room would be so cozy! My favorite is the print!

  3. I've been pining for a sofa like that! I saw a similar one (different colour) at Freedom, so now I'm treating my current sofa like crap so that it'll give up the ghost quicker and I can buy the new one I want!

  4. I think Wednesday is my worst blogging day, my Wishlist is growing but my budget has not. Haha. Thank you ladies :)


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