10 May 2012

More blue finds

Thursday Thrifting

Left: The blue teapot (no lid) and jug I use for flowers.
Right: The oriental child's shoes are on display only.

Can you guess I have a 'thing' for blue? It's just such a calming color.

My apologies about the dull lighting in the left photo. I normally photograph in daylight but I was run off my feet this morning. The washing machine repair man gave me the bad news but at least our new lawnmowing man cut our (wild) grass for us. I lucked out on 'Sale' items even though today is the first day of the weekly specials. Argh. Finally, our toddler screamed the whole car trip because of his prison-issue-car-seat. Both directions. Sigh.

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  1. Loving the teapot and jug, will look so lovely with flowers in them


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