8 May 2012

Yellows and Greens

Monday Medley

Sorry about this but Monday's post is out on Tuesday because of a new bedtime routine. The last few weeks our toddler has been sleeping anywhere from Midnight to 3am. Argh. So last week, Leo and I have been settling the boys into their bed routine together. Tonight, I had to 'fake' sleeping so that Tauren would sleep too. Then I ended up actually falling asleep! When I woke up it was after Midnight. Doh.

Besides our Zoo trip these are the other goings-on from last week. I've only just realised there is alot of yellows and greens in these five images.

Royal vs Granny
While shopping for fruit and veges, Aries tells me that he never liked the green apples I've been buying for our household. He much prefers the red apples. So I bought him Royal Gala apples in the hopes I will finally get to eat my choice, Granny Smith apples.

Sunnies all year
Tauren loves wearing sunglasses. He won't wear socks or hats, but sunglasses are his favourite accessory throughout the whole year. I bought him more sunnies because he also loves pulling things apart.

Dinosaur eggs
Otherwise known as Yoshino Crackers, I'm lucky that nobody else eats these. This comes to us from Harvest Box which I have written about here. This delivery is the answer to my kids asking for yet another candy. Aries loves the almonds, pistachios and sunflower seeds.

I ♥ Juliette
French is my favourite language for foreign films. I've been watching Juliette Binoche onscreen ever since the film, Three Colours Blue. On Sunday night, Tauren and I snuggled up with a blanket to watch her in Summer Hours. Soon after, our toddler fell asleep. Yay.

Just arrived
Last month, while reading Etsy Stalkers I really enjoyed this post. So I went and checked out Rebekka Seale and bought her print 'A home is made'. It's just arrived and even prettier than the photo. See also Rebekka's blog.


  1. Oh I totally get the Juliette Binoche fixation...the woman is the epitome of Parisian chic


    1. That's the perfect description for her :)

  2. I love Juliette Binoche too, The Summer Hours was such a lovely film, how great was the house !!!

    1. Oh those French country homes (swoon), they get me everytime.


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