8 May 2012

No more slippers

Tuesday Timeline

Mother's Day this year is looking good already. I was becoming anxious that I'd have to say "Oh sweet, another pair of slippers". Mwah, Mwah. So, when Leo asked me what I really wanted for Mother's Day, I was quite happy to offer him some ideas.

Yesterday, I checked out what's on offer at some of my favourite blog reads. A big thank you to PottyMouthMama because I've booked myself in for a massage. Especially when Leo loves savings more than I do. This is one of those luxuries that has been on the 'priority list' for far too long.

I can see it now, Leo and the boys playing in nearby Centennial Park while I'm having my long awaited massage. Together we'll make our way to Max Brenner for a chocolate feast. Fingers and toes crossed, we make it out of the house in one go.


  1. Oh sounds PERFECT! SO perfect.

    I am glad you are doing that. Just one word of advice, Jin, who did my massage, was very, very firm. To the point where I got tears in my eyes firm. He is most experienced in sports massage. It did wonders for my back, which had me in excruciating pain for the week prior. I felt like a new woman, but my advice is do not be afraid of letting them know they need to lighten up.

    Enjoy it mama. xxx

    1. Oh dear, I better not tell Leo that Jin is a 'He'. Leo did imply "It's just a massage right?". Hahaha. Thanks for the tip and for your visit.

  2. Have a great time at your massage, I always look forward to those treats! :)

  3. Ooo enjoy your massage!


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