14 May 2012

Madonna Marathon

Monday Medley

All weekend, I had the sudden urge to listen to Madonna. As I folded laundry, washed dishes, paid bills and shopped online, my background music was Holiday, Borderline, Into the groove, Lucky Star, Open Your Heart, etc.

See those grapes? They are seriously bulbous. Leo bought these for our Mothers Day lunch yesterday. I had three of these and I was already full. You could screw one of these 'Red Globe' Grapes into a light socket it was so darn big.

I finally convinced Mr Frugal to buy himself new shoes. He loves savings and these charcoal grey loafers were on clearance for $12.00

I love my coffee, no day is a good day without a cup. Lately, I've been trying Samoa's Coffee and Samoa's Tropical Rainforest Honey. I bought these from Nature Pacific located on the Gold Coast. They're both to my personal tastes.

Images: refer links and lunaheartslists

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