5 May 2012

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The World This Week

This week it's about the blogger making something herself which I love reading about. Please click ahead.....

I really want these because my hands are truly cold as I type this post. Our office is in the coldest room of the house. This is why we moved our boys to another room.

high mainintenance hippy with her daughter built an autumn nature house
I remember making something similar with my cousins. We would play around the apple and peach trees picking twigs and leaves making dollhouses until called in.

cute and useful made adorable little origami sombrero
I've promised blogger Judy that I will make these. I mean, it has two of my favourite foreign words in one project. Bonus.

While pregnant with Aries, I wasn't allowed to eat pineapples. Mum told me it would cause skin irritation for the baby. Islander mums are the funniest. Not.

After all the effort of making this I don't know if I'd eat it or leave it in a glass cake dome for display. Great, now I have a sugar craving.

I don't know if my hands are too cold or I'm too jealous of her talented creations to keep typing. Seriously.

Last night, on request from Aries I made rice pudding. Perfect for cold nights or rainy days, it's eaten hot off the stovetop. I will promise to post the recipe, when my hands aren't too darn cold. I hope your weekend has been kind to you all.

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