30 May 2012

Fly a kite

Tuesday Timeline
After watching Mary Poppins last week (again) our eldest son Aries commented that he wanted to learn to fly a kite. Leo then said he would do one better, he would teach our son both how to make a kite and then fly it. I have already bought a kite just in case.

I then remembered reading on the sweet blog Shine Little Light a link titled 50 things to do before you are 12. It may sound more a list for the boys but I remember doing a good number of these with my female cousins.

This list will come in handy with a book we gifted Aries last Christmas titled The Outdoor Book for Adventurous Blokes by Adrian Besley. It has alot of classic adventures and inventions too. When Leo read through the book, he had a good laugh pointing out all the things he, his brother and friends had done. The last section of this book would make Bear Grylls proud called 'Extreme Survival'.

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