28 May 2012

The past week

Monday Medley

I went and saw The Avengers and found it enjoyable. I liked it much better than Thor. Of course our eldest son loved it. Leo didn't like the fact that the 'Gods' Thor and Loki were 'matched' by Earth's Superheroes. 'No human should be able to match a God.'

I finally sent off our parcel to welcome the new baby boy of Leo's first cousin and her husband. Wrapped in light blue tissue paper and bright green spotted ribbon, left over from my Christmas gifts last year. The pretty card is from Pool Pony which I posted about here.

While at the Post Office I thought about sending an impromptu postcard. Looking around the shop, there were none. It was just frustrating. I came home and bought the Blue Wren and Scarlet Robin cards on Etsy from seller trees4thewood.

Although our family enjoy watching the film Bridge to Terabithia I have also decided to buy the book. I never got to read it during my school years and it would be a book for Aries too. I think children should know where some of their favourite films and TV shows come from, just like knowing where food comes from.

I was on YouTube on the weekend looking at upcoming film trailers. Then I got hooked into watching trailers for some of my favourite films and Persuasion with Sally Hawkins is one. Then I saw this clip of Persuasion and I couldn't decide if it was silly or sweet.

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  1. Hi Luna,
    Also watched The Avengers and liked... had the action and also the humour... but I get what your son is saying ;)
    Still didn't read Persuasion, finished Pride and Prejudice this weekend :)


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