20 May 2012

The Greatest Show

Suddenly Sunday

Today, our youngest son Tauren finally turned two.

Finally, because the last year was a horrid year for our family and it began on Tauren's first birthday. I would never wish a year like that on anyone. One day, I would like to share what happened because it could happen to families like ours. I have been planning our son's 2nd birthday with much anxiety and then reluctance. However, the day turned out perfect.

This year, Tauren's birthday fell on Sunday. We celebrated with Church service then brunch and cake at my younger sister's house. A simple family affair with my parents and siblings. As the weather had suddenly turned cold, not chilly, our Farm trip turned into a Circus show. Despite the late change, we had an awesome day out. Ever since I first saw the film The Greatest Show on Earth I have loved going to the Circus. I just don't like Clowns.

No, not all Clowns just the ones who wear full head makeup and that frilly collared outfit. We applauded, laughed out loud, Oohed and Ahhed, then clapped some more. Just as I was thinking 'Thank God they don't have...' that Clown appeared. The smile was completely wiped from my face. It was the only time I did not want to clap. I had to look at Leo a few times to stop myself from peeing in my pants.

Anyone remember the novel by Stephen King then made into a TV mini-series called It? Now you know.

Image: IMP Awards


  1. Happy birthday, Tauren! Here's to a better year.

  2. Oh yes, Stephen King's It scared me to death...never liked clowns after watching that. eeks!
    Happy belated birthday to little Tauren


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