17 May 2012

Clothes worth wearing

Thursday Thrifting

Left: The label reads ÓPA which I am unable to find information of. The care instructions are in Spanish, thank goodness for high school languages. I bought this for the leather-like details and spotted it just in time for Winter.

Right: I just love the iconic I ♥ NY logos. In this case, NYC, but I'm so glad I turned this typical white T-shirt around. Perfect for our toddler son, Tauren.


  1. I've always wanted an I <3 NY shirt. When I actually visit there I'll get one.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi on my blog =) Your sweet comments are much appreciated.

    - Sarah

  2. love both of these! i have a few i heart NY shirts that are on high rotation in my wardrobe. gorgeous jacket too!

    Kel x


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