14 July 2012

Gold diggings

Saturday Sights

A - Handset, B - Quill Set, C - Klimt, D - Letter Set, E - Bed

Today is the birthday of Gustav Klimt who is also one of my favourite artists. I enjoyed his works for two reasons, his use of gold and his landscapes. He is also famous for his many female portraits because he just loved women. Although I love Klimt's use of gold in his art, I have an allergy to yellow gold myself so, no I'm not a gold-wearing-bling-bling chick. I had my 'gold themed' post prepared for today and then I remembered it's also Bastille Day too! So I get to mix french and gold in one post.

4 French Films for you:
A Christmas Tale - an excellent film if you think your own family is dysfunctional.
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Okay, so I'm cheating but I just love her. See any French film with Charlotte Gainsbourg, to me, she is Très Chic!
Conversations With My Gardener - this film reminds me of Leo's father, art and gardening.
La Vie En Rose - I cried when Edith finally sang the song she waited for her entire life. Okay, so I cry at the drop of a hat. Point is, you must see it.

4 French-related blog posts:
A Quintessential French Pastime... - french connections in Sydney.
Kouglof - a baking recipe, like a brioche? I must try this one day.
Paris Elopement - a dream destination made true.
Vive La France - an oldie but a goodie.


  1. i love charlotte gainsbourg! and speaking of french films, have you seen midnight in paris? loved it!

    1. Not yet, I must see it though because I'm also a Tom Hiddleston fan.

  2. What lovely links - thanks for sharing them! :)


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