15 July 2012

Serendipity... not the movie

Suddenly Sunday

Back in April my book for the month was 'One Day' by David Nicholls. I read it, I laughed, I cried and I patiently waited for Leo to finish reading it so we could watch the DVD together. Only Leo didn't get into it as much as I did.

Today, a relative picked up the boys who were taken to see a movie. The last time both boys were not with us was many months ago! We ate lunch together without one of us having to chase down a toddler in the food court while the other quickly chomped down their food and then exchanging roles. We honestly couldn't decide what to do with the few hours we had to ourselves. The one thing we agreed on was sitting together to enjoy a film that didn't have a colorful child character.

We bought a few DVDs and quickly came home to sit on the same couch to watch the same movie without a kick in the face and toys being thrown at us. It was quite funny because everytime a car went past or a neighbour drove into their driveway, Leo would jump up and check if the boys were being returned. My choice was One Day the film. I agree with this review.

Now, get ready. The setting in the book is the date the two characters met and their lives on that day every year since. The date flashes up several times but somehow we kept missing the link. About 10 mins before the end when I saw the date flash up (again) I just clicked...

Me: "Hey! What date is it today?"
Leo: "Oh yeah. I think it's the 15th!"

I grabbed Leo's mobile and there it was, Sunday 15 July 2012.

We just laughed and gave each other a kiss, just because.


  1. Oh! I haven't seen this and desperately want to!

  2. That sounds so so sweet! Stu never gets into movies and books as much as i do either.

    Love the sound of this book and film

  3. One day is one of the best films Ive seen for ages:) It says so much about life and love.

    have a great week dear.

    LOVE M

  4. As a mother of four its so hard to get time together as a couple, I do love watching a good flick that is not kid based. Will put this on my list for when we next get a chance.:) nx

  5. that's precious...glad you both spent that time together, so important


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