3 July 2012

A brother's wish

Tuesday Timeline
This photo was taken in 2010 when Tauren was only a day old and Aries was six-years-old. After school Aries would visit me in the Maternity Ward then Leo and I would walk him up to NICU to visit his little brother. I love this photo, it shows Aries' excitement about the brother he wished for one Christmas.

This was a challenging time for us, both our boys were delivered via emergency caesarean and both boys were immediately admitted to NICU where they spent their first weeks each. Aries was underweight and had respiratory problems while Tauren was premature. To not be able to walk out of the hospital with your newborn babe in a few days while other Mothers came and went in your shared room was very distressing. I had to remind myself, that unlike other parents (sadly there were a few) we eventually would be able to take them home.


  1. What a great little boy Leo is, I sure can see the excitement in his face about this little brother.

  2. What a priceless photo! I can't imagine being in your shoes but so glad you got to take both of them home eventually. Whew!!!

  3. This is making me teary eyed. I went through the same thing with my youngest (now a healthy, perfect 10 year old). She was a premie and had to be rushed to a special hospital due to respiratory issues, as well. Cheers to medical technology and to healthy, loving children. :)


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