3 July 2012

Brand new friends

Monday Medley
With the unusual wet weather here in Sydney I am in need of rain shoes. Our front and back yards have become overly soggy during and even after the rains. As a result the lawns are in terrible shape. Going outside to pick up mail and hanging washing even when the rain halts is no fun task with muddy shoes and mud flecked onto your pant legs. I should have bought these fashion-less clogs months ago.

I spent a silly amount of time scrubbing my laundry pegs clean. Who wants to hang up freshly laundered washing with dirty pegs? Not me. Our two-year-old decided to plug some pegs into the muddy back yard lawn because that's what they're meant for. Luckily for Tauren it was also a good excuse for a thorough quality inspection. I just wished my favourite pegs came in one color.

If you know the saying "These things happen in threes." the inside of our brand new refrigerator validates this. Firstly, it was the oven which led me to watch my first film alone in nine years. Then it was our washing machine. Upon calling the repair man, his assistant tried to make light of our situation by saying those five dreaded words. I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching washing machines thus losing blogging time. We loved that washer. After our brand new washing machine arrived we thought nothing more of it.

Suddenly, our refrigerator started to make a sound so frightening Leo and I thought the electricals would explode and our home would combust. We'd end up with a TV news crew filming us in our pyjamas huddled on the footpath at 2am with neighbours being interviewed. We loved that fridge. For nearly six weeks we went without one because I was exhausted from the washer situation. In that time Leo and I made note of our experience:
  • We buy meat five days a week, a few hours before dinner. We wanted a smaller freezer thus eliminating the need to store bulk meats which I would almost always forget to defrost. Oops.
  • We wanted a top freezer/bottom fridge, as Tauren has discovered that the freezer is where his favourite food lives, icecream. He would inspect the freezer everyday driving us all insane because it's Autumn/Winter and Master Two doesn't understand this.
  • We wanted a refrigerator with less capacity. Originally we had 415 Litres we now have 365 Litres. It doesn't even feel like a smaller fridge. As long as I can fit my trifle bowl in there for Summer I'm happy. Hopefully smaller capacity = lower running costs.
  • Last on my list, perhaps not important to anyone else, I wanted handles on the side not on the front. I love this feature, as the fridge looks sleek and ultra modern with no bulging handles frontside.
We can't get over how pretty our brand new friends look. Aries exclaimed "The washing machine looks like a Spaceship!". Leo opened the fridge door and commented the LED lighting looks smarter than the airport runway lighting. I am just happy to cross off two big purchases and to own appliances in working order. Yay.

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