3 July 2012

Taking it slow

Suddenly Sunday
It is currently the end of Term 3 and our son Aries is on School Holidays for two weeks. While Aries is at School, I spend all day with two-year-old Tauren. Normally we rush a few School Holidays activities on the weekend before School resumes. This time I made sure we spent some time together on our own. This morning we went out for breakfast, we then checked out the Half-Year Toy Sales and ended the afternoon with a film - Ice Age 4.

Leo and I have been discussing our annual family holiday. When Leo's father passed away almost two years ago, he inherited a share of his rural property seen above. As much as the kids and I would love to spend a week back home in New Zealand on 'the farm', Leo isn't ready to return yet. As two ex-pat Kiwi we are leaning towards the South Island where sadly neither of us have been to.

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