4 March 2012

Weekend What's On

Listened to The one that got away.
One day cruise a water bridge.
Ate a Jaffa Kiss.
Date with Inspector Montalbano.
Parents beware Drop Dead Fred.

A photo of Tauren and Aries in a wrestling match. I've had to put my thinking-cap on this week for indoor activities as the weather here in Sydney has been dismal. There's been kids movies, books, story writing, running into furniture, screaming and wrestling. Lately I've been feeling like I'm not living in Sydney.

Whenever there are rainy days and piles of dirty washing, the word Sisyphean comes to mind. Yesterday, we had to buy clothes airers to be used in the garage. We are not comfortable with purchasing a clothes dryer, the bills are high enough and Sydney isn't getting any cheaper. I also utilise the local laundromat if it's urgent and our next option is a clothesline cover.

Yesterday, after I bragged to Aries about how Mummy thought 'Drop Dead Fred' was the funniest movie, we bought the dvd. We sat there as a family watching and waiting for the laugh-out-loud moments I had promised our son. But, as soon as 'Drop Dead Fred' appeared I just thought, Wow! My memory just had a wake up call. Firstly, the rating states PG. Let me just say, it is not a kid's movie. It should be M as it contains sexual references and coarse language. Needless to say, the next time we buy a movie from 'our time' we'll be previewing it before the kids see it. Definitely not one of my finest moments as a Mother.

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