5 March 2012

Monday Medley: A few favourites

Monday Medley is my space to share what we are like as a family. Feel free to share what you and yours favourite, I like to try new things.

Our favourite fruit jam is from Cuttaway Creek. Tauren likes it on it's own and I love it on toast. Actually, it's the only reason I even eat toast!

Our favourite Sunday activity is Family Funday. For $2.50 per person your family can enjoy a whole day out. We always buy exhibition tickets for Sunday to utilise this massive discount.

Our favourite family snack is from Harvest Box. I like rating each mix of dried fruits, nuts and seeds, then select the days and frequency of the delivery and voila!

My favourite new recipe is Gyozas. Pleating the gow gee wrappers was not as easy as I thought. It was a big hit with Leo and Aries, not so much with Tauren.

My favourite organising tip on how to fold T-shirts. I just sat in awe of this video and then I got angry at how I used to fold T-shirts and all the times I could've been doing something else.

These are not sponsored items - they are things we have tried and really enjoy.


  1. That jam looks scrumptious! Have you tried it for long?

  2. About 5 years? I'm not being biased when I say, it's like I just picked the berries myself. We will never buy supermarket variety again.


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