28 February 2012

I heart surprises

I still believe that the world is full of lovely surprises. They don't have to be major, expensive or extravagant.

They can be as simple as:
  • a child who picks flowers for you
  • a partner taking the day off so you can rest
  • an upgrade to your hotel room or plane seating
  • a friend who drops by for coffee (from another State)
  • a stranger who compliments you while waiting at the pedestrian lights.

All of the above have happened to me and when I think carefully back, a few more. For all the times when I've wished I had a disposable income, more time, or more hands - I just have to remind myself that sometimes "Good things come to those who wait."

Here are some lovely surprises that I wouldn't mind when that day comes:

I would love to open envelopes like this.
The good witch Glinda's slippers.
For the organiser in you (and me).
Do you like your fruit and vegetables?

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