27 February 2012

Snippets of our weekend


Danced to  We are young.
One day build a moat around my garden.
Ate a cheesymite scroll.
Date with Mad Men.
Parents beware of children's books.

Being the first Sunday of Lent, we made a plan to attend service at the Cathedral. After ten minutes being inside, Tauren decided the Cathedral was his own private Theme Park. I quietly prayed for a 'no incident' exit and got the heck out of there.

While strolling around town for half an hour, Aries said he wanted to go "see the art place" which by now was too far to walk back. As we were passing Angel Place, I wondered why there were so many 'photographers' in that laneway. As I looked up, I saw the birdcages installation. Aries was completely gobsmacked. He also couldn't believe his eyes as we:
  • passed the giant outdoor chess set in Hyde Park
  • lunched on the grass infront of the Cathedral
  • saw a wedding shoot at the Archibald Fountain
  • diagonally crossed George and Druitt Streets
  • saw skateboarders in Martin Place.

We finished our walk just in time for Leo to join us for ice cream from the Mr. Whippy van, which was conveniently parked near the fountain.

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