24 February 2012

Where's Wally? Tour

For the last eleven days I went on a major Where's Wally? Tour of the blogosphere. That is, I checked out almost every blog I could to find inspiration on what I envision my own blog to be. I've also found so many inspiring blogs, how-to's, tips and recommendations. I now have a pretty good list of books, films and songs to enjoy.

Admittedly, I got lost during the whole click-happy saga and I missed either lunch or dinner. I don't spend everyday on the internet as it depends on my toddler's needs and my To-Do-List. I read through my favourite links by choosing a 'theme' per day or week. It could be Food, Design/DIY, Interiors, Mum blogs, Motivational, Photography, Shop and so on.

First, I checked out links on my current blog list favourites with stand out names. Second, I Googled blogs by subjects I personally enjoy. Third, while I'm commenting on a blog I like to check out other profiles by their name and if they have a blog. I've found so many blogs from such cool/sweet/original names I wondered how I missed this tip at all. Shout out to my first reader and commenter, Heidi! I liked the way Heidi named her profile hi-d instead of just Heidi. I found her comment via Love vs Design which I found while looking for Valentine's Day ideas. See, how I got lost?

I'll be improving on my 'Links I like' by adding subjects as I like people to see where and why I travel on the blogosphere. I also spent a good time editing my favourites lists which means more time on blogs I absolutely enjoy. I'm a sucker for order so I edited all my folders and alphabetised each list. Lastly, I made a note next to each blog of their Country because that's what organising 'freaks' like me like to do. Monk would be so proud.

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