7 March 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: Three's company

Wednesday Wishlist is my space to share everything I wish for.

Lately, our toddler Tauren is going through the 'closing doors' and 'throwing doors open' stage. Both at the same time. These animal bookends are versatile and can also be used as a doorstop, for decoration or toddler weight-lifts. Seriously. Tauren has bigger biceps than his older brother Aries.

Did I mention I'm a bargain hunter? I try never to pay full price for anything, because I believe we don't have to. Here is the cheapest I can find the Zuny animal range.

Obviously, I'm looking for a good tote bag right now. I stopped being a handbag gal when I gave up working fulltime. Walking around with a handbag looks odd when your Mom Uniform is mostly jeans and T-shirt with Eau de Toddler.

Right now, this very moment, my bag is what working women carry their lunches in (at least in Sydney, three years ago). Personally, the tote bag is one of the best buys for a fulltime Mum... and jeans. The canvas tote bags are from Apple & Bee.

I'm leaning more towards the 'Air Mail' tote as I'm a big fan of letter-writing. However, the 'Sustainability' has a lovely blue. I also love the 'Hearts' because there is a heart to represent each of us. I may even surprise myself and buy all three.

The Comic Hero Cape is perfect for our sons' role-playing games. My younger brothers and I used to love watching the re-runs of 'Batman' starring Adam West. We used to be in awe of how the sound-effect-words used to pop up during the fight scenes. Later my brothers would re-enact these scenes with their own 'POW!', 'BANG!' and 'CRRAACK!'. Eventually, it got too much and one has a permanent facial scar from jumping off the shed one too many times.

This Zoku Chocolate Station would be great fun for our kids (and Mum). The Skeanie Chocolate UGG boots would be a wonderful addition to Tauren's winter wardrobe. He loves wearing his 'boodz'. Available aMetro Mum.


  1. I love the 'Hippo' and missed out by a day! 'Donkey' looks good too.

  2. Those UGG boots are gorgeous.


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