1 September 2012

That blue dress

Saturday Sights

I first spotted Natalie Joos in this cobalt blue dress on look see. Not knowing who she is, thankfully she blogs. I've been checking it out today and I recommend reading her posts Blame the Olsens, Croquet Alice and Misty Rabbit. I've read about people I wouldn't know about otherwise and normally would see in glossy magazines - such is the quality of Natalie's blog.

Since I couldn't stop thinking about 'that blue dress' I found these cobalt blue dresses on Etsy:
Top - Below - Right

The dress on the right is so perfect, it has been Sold.

Image: trendycrew


  1. That shade of blue is amazing!

  2. Ohhh what a beautiful colour!!! It's perfect, indeed. Muah


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