3 September 2012

Late Night Monday

Monday Medley

Songs I've heard and wanted to share. Click on the Star for credit:
Beach House - Zebra *
Carla Bruni - Raphael *
Regina Spektor - Don't Leave Me *
Phil Collins - Look Through My Eyes *

Phil Collins writes and performs so many wonderful songs for film, this song is in Brother Bear. It always calms our toddler Tauren and sometimes, it even helps him to snooze.

I am packing for a trip to the Gold Coast tomorrow, and I'm posting just before Midnight. Typical me, always leaving things to the last minute. Not a good idea with two young kids. Must improve!

Image: unknown


  1. Great choice of songs – I particularly love the Carla Bruni one! Hope you have a wonderful time at the Gold Coast! Super jealous!

    1. I didn't expect to like 'Raphael' considering I had no idea Carla was also a singer. But I do like french music (and films), even though I can't speak it.

  2. HI! Luna, A lovely unusual photo with the colours, Have a great trip to the Gold Coast. I always post late, I don't know why as I have no children at home and have all day!!

    1. Hahaha... I lose myself catching up on my favourite and followed blogs and procrastinate on my own. Bad blogger.


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