18 March 2012

Sunday: Congealed

English is not my first language. I learned English quite quickly by reading anything I could get my hands on. Such was my love for reading and visiting the Library, it was my second home. I was never late in returning books as my adopted sister told me that I'd be arrested by the Police if I was late in returning borrowed books. I learned English too well that I almost lost my native language - it can happen. I only speak my native language when I'm back in the Islands.

The Library was also my playground during the first half of Year 7. Every recess and lunch break I'd be the one left sitting on the bench, right next to where the 'boys only club' played their handball. One day I was asked if I wanted to play and of course I accepted. The bench was not fitting for a newcomer to Australia with a weird Kiwi-accent. This of course won me no female friends at all those first six months. Rumours came back that I had a crush on one of the boys, so off I retreated to the Library where I read with feigned interest The Encyclopedia Britannica. No joke, I got up to J before my family moved and I started Year 7 elsewhere.

While working in the Finance Industry for 13 years, Customers would be surprised that they were speaking (on the phone) to a Pacific Islander.
"Really? Where did you learn English so well?" asked a Customer.
"I lived in New Zealand for ten years." I'd reply.
Then of course...
"Oh, do they speak English in New Zealand? Hahaha." joked the Customer.
"Yes, we do." I'd reply back.

Whenever I sit down to read a new novel, I always ready myself with a fresh notepad and pencil to take notes of what I don't know. I don't like to note things in books because I don't want to give anything away to other readers. That is one of my pet hates, opening a book with handwritten notes on the side, especially in Poetry books.

In tonight's case, it was a food dish. There I am happily reading along and then the words congealed salad came up. It bugged me so much I had to put my book down and Google images. Congealed Salad is also known as Jello/Jell-O Salad.

So, back to my book...

Image: joy of jello

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