19 March 2012

Monday Medley: Late to party

Happy 80th Birthday to the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Not sure what the party plans are today, I can't seem to find much on the web. Yesterday, at Bradfield Park there was a 1930's style celebration with swing dancers. Today, some members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra scaled the bridge and performed for a select group of guests. One day, when I'm not suffering from vertigo I will definitely do the bridge climb... and swing dancing.

One party I am quite late to is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. As noted on the right sidebar of my blog, you will see the books I am reading for each Month. The book has since been made into a film and that is now available on DVD but it's only recently that I became interested in The Help. Note, I wrote 'interested'. I had heard and seen (but not read) all the hype about this book but, as usual, I keep out of the hoopla until I can come out of my 'cave' and enjoy it in my own time.

I never did give into peer pressure as I have always been taught to wait. Especially, since I shared a home with two younger brothers, including two adopted sisters, plus four foster sisters and sometimes my Mother's parents and other times, her extended relatives. Only a few times in my life has my patience reached it's limit. I had reserved a copy of The Help from our local Library but it's a frustrating three month waiting list! Yesterday, I bought the darn book, brand new, full priced. Ugh.

Today I discovered that it is National Year of Reading 2012. Very cool, especially for a house of readers like ours. We also enjoy visiting the Art Gallery NSW. This weekend we are hoping to fit in the Picasso exhibition which is also closing on Sunday. While we're in the Sydney CBD the kids like to run around in the Royal Botanical Gardens. A great way to tire them out for the train ride home. Fingers crossed regarding this silly weather.

Image: sam mooy

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