2 February 2012

Not another cupcake photo

I have cut out, written down, bought books of, received and listed so many recipes to try my hand at I tend to feel overwhelmed and leave them to collect dust. So after realising this rain isn't going anywhere I pulled out my collection of recipes and started with the easiest one, vanilla cupcakes.

This recipe is from the book Cupcakes by Hamlyn. It's basic, quick and not too many ingredients to source. Everything I needed were already in my cupboards. The book also includes very easy variations, I might try the ginger alternative next time. I bought the book from a local cafe where people with no experience and or limited skills are given a helping hand to be trained in hospitality. They also make the best Malibu Chicken Burger.

The cupcakes were sitting on the bench, waiting to be iced and photographed when our youngest son Tauren couldn't wait any longer.

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